Why Is Video So Important In Digital Marketing?

Why Is Video So Important In Digital Marketing?

It might be no surprise that videos have recently become one of the most watched online content. The incredible metrics that reveal the popularity of videos stand to show why they are an essential element of every digital marketing strategy. Forecasted to grow very rapidly, videos are here to dominate the digital marketing space. It makes it all the more reason why the foundation of marketing strategy must include video marketing as one of its pillars. 

We are witnessing a more significant influx of video marketing by different brands in a bid to put their business ahead of the competition. Whether we call it a trend or a mere belief, video marketing is being seen as a generator of higher returns on income, which is a positive signal for any business. 

While videos are a worthy addition to your marketing toolbox, you are bound to have doubts about their effectiveness. Even though it may be pretty helpful to spearhead your marketing campaigns with video content, it is necessary to strategize the availability of resources and the formation of a roadmap for their implementation. 

So, it is not only because everyone is using videos that you should also start using them for digital marketing. Videos are a very versatile and profitable marketing tool that can empower you with a robust strategy to meet the goals of your business. 

Let us find out how videos impact your digital marketing effort and to what extent. 

Impact Of Videos On Digital Marketing 

Boosts Conversions And Sales 

You may not even be able to envisage the kind of money that videos can generate for your business, but the possibility of it stands right there. If some of the numbers are to be believed, a simple video for a product on a landing page can churn up to 80% conversions, which is a stellar number for marketers.

Spending time and resources on creating videos may seem to be too much, but the fact remains that they can drive sales towards your business. Videos make a massive impact on the human mind, so you should focus on using as many of them as possible.

Improves ROI

Videos can reap beneficial returns on your investment, making the digital marketing effort worth every penny. Video production itself may not be an easy or cheap activity. Still, with the availability of various online video editing tools and tutorials, even small businesses can make something of their digital marketing strategy.

Helps Build A Connection With The Audience

Any business will find it hard to survive or make itself known unless it builds a connection with its audience. By providing customers with exciting and valuable information, a business builds a strong foundation of trust that will likely engage a wider audience and help position the brand in a better place.

Be it any genre of the product-service market that a business caters to; they are more likely to succeed by making their customer trust them. Videos can help to tap into this aspect of the market.

Search Engines Favor Videos

As if you needed another reason to stick in favor of video marketing, here’s another and a strong one. Videos make a user stay on a website for a longer time. A search engine can catch a site’s ability to retain users, which is more likely to help you rank your website on the search results.

Creating SEO-optimized videos may be a good idea to make it easier for search engines to catch your web content. Exciting titles, descriptions, and backlinks to products or websites are some ways to optimize your videos and encourage more user action.

Moreover, to most of the audience, what matters is the content of a video. Therefore, create an attractive, professional-looking video and do the necessary video editing.

More Appealing To Mobile Users

Smartphones today have made it easier for users to access digital content. A consumer is more likely to watch a video through a mobile device. The stark rise in mobile video viewers signals a rise in video consumption, and one of the factors contributing to it is the fact that people like to watch videos on the go.

Since users of smartphones are only rising, your video audience is only set to increase. The growth of mobile videos means businesses must be prepared to tailor their offerings to their audience.

Videos Tend To Explain Everything 

Did you know that explainer videos tend to have a far broader impact on a viewer than any other instruction manual form? So if a business plans to launch a product or a service, videos are an effective way to convey to the audience everything about them. Similarly, animated videos are far more successful at helping customers understand how a problematic product works. Thus, videos are a simple yet entertaining way to help customers transition into your business.

Better Engagement

As with any other business, even you would be vying to catch a customer’s attention, to convert the lead into a sale. You will be surprised to know just how well people respond to videos. 

The modern consumer is always eager to know how a product works in action. When you give them exactly that, nothing stops them from completing their purchase and actually buying your product. The preference for videos makes them an important driving force for all digital marketing activities.

Better Social Sharing 

Team up video marketing with social media, and you will have brewed a beautiful concoction that spells only success for your business. Together, the two prove to be leverage for each other, giving you a broader audience to whom you can showcase your product.

To be able to reach and target customers through social media, brands and businesses must tailor their offerings by creating more entertaining and informative videos that increase traffic to your website and encourage wider sharing through social media channels. You can easily take it from there and promote your products and services such that they appeal to the minds of a more extensive customer base.


Videos can be tailored to fit a variety of channels and mediums. You can craft video advertisements and email campaigns to reach newer customers. Remember to focus on the quality of the content and make videos appealing to tap more recent customers.

At first, you can begin with some handy and free tools but in the future, you will still find many options that can be sourced reasonably and used to your benefit. Over time, you can improve your production quality and begin producing professional videos to lead your digital marketing effort.

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