When One Should see an Orthopaedic Doctor?

Orthopaedic Doctor

These days’ people do lead a stressful life. At the same time due to heavy load of work one can have problems with their nerves, joints and muscles as well. If the pain is too much then one should never neglect it because one can never know what actually has happened.

Seeing a doctor can be the best option to get the problem treated right away. Here are some reasons why one should visit an orthopaedic.

Shoulder Pain

If someone is suffering from pain in shoulders and that keeps increasing at night and creates problem in regular shoulder movements then one definitely needs to see an orthopaedic doctor. They are mostly combined with tenderness around a joint which can also be a sign of tendonitis. One can face this condition, then there is a shoulder injury or overuse of the shoulder muscles. These symptoms can also occur on heel, wrist and elbow. When these muscles get injured and they are not treated properly then they lose their elasticity in aging and it leads the tendon to swell.

Trouble in climbing Stairs

When one ages, the joints that are present in the hips and the knees automatically starts to deteriorate and sometimes it becomes too painful for one to function properly. If one is having some trouble in climbing the stairs, walking and getting up after sitting for a few minutes then highly one must be having some serious joint issues that needs an orthopaedic attention. If the chronic pain lasts for more than 6 months then one should go for a regular treatment procedure (which can include both medication and exercise). But if the joint is totally damaged then the doctor might suggest a joint replacement surgery as well.

Tingling or Numb Hands

Do you tend to drop things from your hands easily? Do you have a continuous tingling sensation on the thumb or middle finger or index finger? Then one might be facing a carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome can be caused due to a lot of things like working with some machinery or tools, previous wrist fracture and other things. This also needs some proper orthopaedic treatment.

Pain from repetitive motions

If one is involved in certain works that requires some repetitive motions that can also create some stress injuries in the body. The muscles, nerves and the tendons also get hurt due to this. When one is suffering from stress injuries then they need to see a doctor immediately.

 Painful Joints

There can be chronic and persistent pains in the joints and if they last for more than 3 months then one should definitely see an orthopaedic doctor. This pain is mainly associated with swelling in the joint pains and inflammation and they can also be a major sign of arthritis. Only a specialised physician would know that.

In fact some signs of fractures can also need some orthopaedic attention but that completely depends on the gravity of injury and one should keep in touch with the doctor to get treatment.

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