What is inhibited sexual desire?

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You cannot always want to feel like having sex. Just as there are days when your mood is low, likewise, there can be days where you do not feel like having sex. Naturally, there are many variants involved in the process, there will also be many factors causing your interest in sex to dwindle in the moment.

However, having perpetually low levels of desire is not normal. It can be indicative of inhibited sexual desire, which is also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

What is inhibited sexual desire or HSDD?

Inhibited sexual desire is a condition in which a person experiences low desire to have sex. People in this condition do not tend to initiate sex, or even respond to sexual advances.

HSDD might also require treatment from a best sexologist in lahore. The core issue with inhibited sexual desire can be said to be lack of attraction towards your partner but having desire otherwise for sex.

What are the symptoms of inhibited sexual desire?

Inhibited sexual desire can be a primary or secondary condition. When it is primary condition, the person never had sexual desire to begin with. In secondary hypoactive sexual desire disorder, the person used to have sexual desires previously but not anymore.

Both these phases can be accompanied by signs and symptoms that include:

  • Lack of interest in sex with your partner
  • Lack of intimacy with your partner
  • Having issues in your relationship
  • Conflicts in the relationship
  • Issues with affection
  • Negative view of sex due to trauma
  • Lack of understanding of sex
  • Bad sexual experiences

What are the causes of inhibited sexual desire?

Primarily, inhabited sexual desire is a psychological problem, and the causes are also then rooted in emotional and mental health. Some common cause of HSDD include:

Pregnancy: There are hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy that can then wane the desire to partake in sex. Moreover, the condition also includes discomfort, and having sex can pose as a great inconvenience.

Baby: After giving birth, women continue to have hormonal changes that dictate their mood and desire. Furthermore, birth is also traumatic experience for women, and understandably, they have qualms in partaking in activity that could potentially lead to another pregnancy.

Life issues: Your life problems have a profound impact on your relationship. Running into work issues, being stressed, having to juggle a lot and having issues in life can then also put a damper on your sexual desires.

Mismatched sexual chemistry: At times, one partner’s lack of sexual desire may be because of the overactive sexual desires of their partner. It can then lead to conflict, and resentment towards each other. This lack of harmony between the partners can then cause one to have HSDD.

Relationship conflicts: Naturally, when you are not getting along with your partner, you will not feel like having sex with them. Hence, problems with relationship of any sort can cause inhibited sexual desire.

Health issues: The lack of desire in sex can also be brought on by physical health problems. Naturally, when you are not doing well, a romp in the bed is the last thing on your mind. Similarly, some changes like menopause and the subsequent symptoms can also lead to inhibited sexual desire.

Trauma: People who have had traumatic experience with sex, whether it be painful intercourse or sexual abuse, HSDD is a common consequence.

What are the treatment options for inhibited sexual desire?

Psychological help

Since the crux of the issue lies in psychological problems, addressing those is then important for to improve sexual health. Alongside getting therapy for one’s own self, getting couple’s counselling where the relationship issues are the main problem can also be beneficial.

Lifestyle changes

Some lifestyle changes can also improve sexual drive. These include eating better, exercising, having proper sleep cycle, spending quality time together and working on stress management.

Hormone therapy

Some people may also have problems on account of hormonal issues, in which case, a sexologist in Karachi can help dispense hormone therapy.

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