What is Going to be New if Tesla Launches a New Phone?

Tesla has fundamentally transformed the automobile business with its unique technologies and emphasis on the driving experience. The company, driven by the mysterious Elon Musk, is always introducing new features and quirky tweaks to push the envelope of what electric vehicles are capable of.

Needless to say, investors pay great attention to the company’s performance. Tesla smartphones, which have hitherto existed only in imagination, may become a reality in the near future. The company has a track record of developing unique products, such as their tiny EV for children.

5 reasons why we’d love to see a Tesla smartphone, as well as the advancements it would bring to the mobile world.

1. Starlink Integration Possibility

Elon Musk's Starlink filings show plans for phone service and low-income web access

Starlink is an internet service developed by SpaceX, another of Elon Musk’s businesses. It connects places with poor connectivity to the internet using Starlink satellites. At the moment, you must use a terminal that is angled upward to access Starlink services (available only in 29 countries).

However, a Tesla smartphone is expected to include built-in Starlink capability. It’s only natural, considering Musk’s tendency for developing new creative technology or features that far outperform what’s currently available.

Through the integration of Starlink, anyone with a Tesla smartphone would be able to access the internet without relying on their GSM carrier for connectivity. This might be a game-changer, same to how Tesla vehicles redefined our expectations of what mobile phones are capable of.

2. It Would Be Compatible With Your Tesla Vehicle

Tesla App Support | Tesla

The Tesla app is currently extremely intuitive, allowing you to conduct common tasks such as locking and unlocking your car, summoning it, and managing media.

However, if a Tesla smartphone is introduced, we can almost guarantee that the phone’s core functionalities will be thoroughly ingrained. Additionally, physical controls may be included into the gadget.

Consider the possibility that Tesla smartphone users would have access to additional capabilities. For instance, similar to the Party Mode introduced in prior iterations? Something of that nature would be a wonderful addition.

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3. It Might Provide Assistance Neuralink

Neuralink is a neuroscience business focused on the development of brain-machine interfaces. Elon Musk himself declared that Neuralink is the future when asked if Tesla is building a smartwatch.

In layman’s terms, this refers to technology that enables you to control equipment merely by thinking about them. While this is still science fantasy at best, the prospect of a phone that supports Neuralink is enticing.

Consider controlling your phone entirely with your brain and no physical input. It certainly seem insane, but then again, the majority of Musk’s ideas straddle the line between insane and pure genius.

4. It Has the Potential to Revolutionize Battery Charging

Tesla’s smartphone, dubbed Model Pi by some, is said to include a glass back and unique solar charging features. Solar charging is not a new concept, but it is not as effective as many believe.

And it is most emphatically not constructed right on the back of a device. However, Tesla is not recognised for adhering to industry standards. The company is recognised for developing cutting-edge technologies, and a smartphone with integrated solar charging appears to be a possibility.

It’s worth noting here that Tesla already makes extremely efficient solar panels. Additionally, the organisation has a long history of focusing only on renewable energy.

Obviously, the phone would not rely entirely on solar charging, but it is quite likely that the solar charging in the gadget will be significantly more efficient than what is currently available.

5. It Would Be Common to Use Recycled Materials

Tesla Has Filed A Patent For Recycling Of Nickel And Cobalt From Used Batteries

Given the global chip shortage and Tesla’s commitment to sustainable energy and recycled materials, it’s quite likely that a Tesla smartphone will be created entirely of recycled components.

This is rather self-evident, yet it is, once again, solidly anchored in gossip. Due to the fact that Tesla’s batteries are 100% recyclable, you can anticipate that a considerable number of components, most notably the battery, will be recycled. Tesla also publishes an annual report detailing the overall amount of materials recycled, including significant metals such as copper, nickel, and bronze.

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