Applying for a US visa is a lengthy process. Sometimes, the embassies may be overloaded and understaffed, making the visa application process even more difficult. That is why you have the option to apply for a US emergency visa in cases of emergency.

The emergency visa refers only to the visa appointment. For example, getting a regular visa appointment may take up to 8 months, but an emergency visa appointment may happen after a few days. The visa itself is issued at a regular time.

How Can I Get an Emergency Visa to USA?

To get an emergency visa for the US, you have to schedule a regular visa appointment online and select “Request Expedite”. After you’ve done this, you will receive step by step instructions on how to continue. You have to make sure that your request for an emergency visa contains the following details:

  • Your destination in the US.
  • The date when you will be departing.
  • The reason why you are visiting the US.
  • The date you discovered you needed to travel to the US.
  • The date on which you scheduled your visa appointment.
  • The date of the regular appointment you currently have (you have to attach the confirmation sheet).

US online visa applications can be submitted here.

Do I Qualify For an Emergency Visa Appointment for the USA?

You may qualify for an emergency visa appointment if one of the following applies to you:

  • You or your minor child need urgent medical treatment in the US.
  • You have a death in the family in the US.
  • Your family member is gravely ill.
  • You are an exchange student applying for an exchange visa, but the program date is scheduled to start earlier than available visa appointment dates.
  • You have unexpected business dealings that will happen during the ten days after the first available appointment.
  • You have to visit the US unexpectedly for a significant cultural, political, sporting, journalistic event that will happen around ten days after the first available visa appointment.
  • You are no longer an eligible applicant for ESTA.

Documents Required for Emergency USA Visa

You need to prepare all the documents required for a regular visa appointment and additional proof of your need for an emergency visa, such as:

  • Written records from your doctor detailing your illness and that you need treatment in the US.
  • Written documents from a doctor/hospital in the US stating that they are prepared to treat you.
  • Financial documents showing how you will pay for your medical procedure.
  • Evidence that the family member who died is close.
  • Letter from the funeral home stating the personal details of the deceased and the funeral date.
  • An invitation letter from a US company detailing the urgent business you have in the US or proof of an important training program that will take place in the US.
  • Proof that you are no longer eligible for ESTA.

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