Top 7 Learning Sites Free

Each individual is unique, as is his ability for learning. One learns more well with an instructor in a classroom setting, yet one can also learn more effectively using online platforms. It is entirely dependent on the student and programme. People prefer e-learning for a variety of reasons in this age of digitization. People are increasingly preferring online websites due to the convenience of learning a subject at their own pace.

Numerous educational websites offer free instruction. As previously stated, individuals choose one website over another based on their own interests and learning style. Consider the top ten websites that provide students with free educational resources.

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1. Tutorials Section

Tutorials Point was founded on the premise that there is a segment of readers who prefer online information and prefer to learn new skills at their own speed in the privacy of their living rooms. They have an abundance of tutorials on a variety of topics, including programming languages, web design, and academia. With the tagline ‘Simply Easy Learning,’ they give straightforward, concise, and to-the-point content on a wide variety of technical and non-technical areas without any prerequisites or obstructions. Their superb software tutorials teach you how to edit, compile, and run programmes written in C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Node.js, and Java script, among other languages.

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2. Tutorix – Effortless Learning

Top 7 Learning Sites Free

In this age of digitization, online education is the most effective way to gain an advantage over your classmates. There are numerous e-learning applications available on the market. Students should exercise caution in selecting the greatest app in order to improve their grades and get to the top.

Tutorials point, which has been the market leader in India’s e-learning portals for the last decade, has expanded its curriculum to include school-aged children.

The tutorials point expert team has developed a next-generation learning app for K-12 children called “Tutorix,” which is built around the motto “Simply Easy Learning.” They have exercised tremendous caution with regard to the content, which is not available in any other app.

3. edX

Top 7 Learning Sites Free

This is a prominent website that was launched in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT. It brings together high-quality courses from the world’s leading universities. Visit immediately.

4. Coursera

Top 7 Learning Sites Free

This is another such website that provides courses from renowned colleges in the United States of America. It is a more user-friendly website that offers courses that include recorded videos that simulate classroom sessions. Additionally, they give a shareable electronic Course Certificate if you meet the prerequisites.

5. AcademicEarth.Org

This website provides students with a variety of academic possibilities, from online graduate courses in accounting and economics to engineering subjects. Additionally, they provide specialised disciplines such as behavioural psychology. They collaborate with a number of prestigious universities, including Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Additionally, this portal features videos and podcasts on all subjects to cater to students’ varying degrees of interest.

6. The Consortium for Open Education

Top 7 Learning Sites Free

The Open Education Consortium (OEC) is a global network of schools and organisations dedicated to open education. Its members provide free educational resources and open educational models, facilitating international collaboration and innovation. They make high-quality inclusive education accessible to learners worldwide. It offers a global network of hundreds of institutions offering courses in approximately 20 languages, all of which are completely free.

7. Udemy

Top 7 Learning Sites Free

Udemy is a global marketplace for online education and training. Expert professors teach a comprehensive 65000 courses. Students take courses in literature, history, economics, social sciences, and business management, among other areas.

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