The Internship culture: Can it help the Indian students?

What is Internship?


The concept of internship has suddenly gained precedence among the students of today going to the various benefits that it provides to their development. The concept can be best defined as a position that a student on a train is provided to work in an organization often without pay so that they can gain an effective work experience and satisfy their existing qualification. Through the help of internship opportunities it becomes possible for students to have a better idea about how real-world workplaces function.


The internship culture in the West


The west has a very strong internship culture present when compared to the Eastern countries. The reason being that the western countries believe in the corporate culture of learning by doing where the students are provided with hands-on experiences by undertaking internships. It is through these methods that students are provided with better clarification on how to conduct their duties and effectively put what they have learnt in school into action. There are several online courses platform available on the web that prepare students, by providing them with necessary knowledge on how to manage internships to prepare themselves for internship opportunities. Through this course the students are provided with comprehensive knowledge that they can test the skills they have as well as learn what kind of job best suits their capabilities.


Benefits of Internship


The benefits that are presented through taking part in internships have far-reaching consequences which are mostly positive and the future of students. The following section highlights the major benefit that internships provide to students so that they can be provided with an opportunity to test their capabilities.

  • Internship health in boosting confidence of the students by allowing them to have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses and providing them with the opportunity to mitigate their existing weaknesses.
  • It helps students gain a better understanding of the concepts of theory that are taught in school and apply them into reality. For example, in the current scenario that has been a significant demand from students to learn about how to develop or how to sell courses online
  • . By undertaking internships under renowned Institutions dealing with coding, the students can gain knowledge on how to develop online courses which will provide them with an opportunity to develop these applications.
  • It is responsible for helping to build networks which will provide them with an opportunity to mix with people in the same field as well as gain employment offers.
  • It showcases them a better understanding about the nuances that are involved while working in a workplace and what major rules and regulations that need to be followed.
  • It provides them with the better opportunity to apply the theories they have learnt and also worked towards developing unique ideas. 


Impact on Indian students Future


The Indian educational sector has always been more interested in helping students have a better understanding of theoretical applications rather than preparing them for practical applications. As a result this has often hindered chances for students to get better opportunities at work and fall behind. through the implementation of internship curriculum in college levels it will provide opportunities to the students to help develop a better understanding of how workplaces function.


The major issue that present include the inability of the education sector to have the necessary funding to provide support to the students. And help them gain internship opportunities. However, in the current sector with the Rapid increase in importance of internships being observe.  Several private organizations have come forward providing chances to devote students to take part in internship opportunities. 


The government has also recognise this respect and has urged the educational sector in India to work towards developing these opportunities for the students and ensuring that they are provided with practical knowledge besides theoretical knowledge. In this way it will be easier to prepare the students for the future and ensure that they can get better job opportunities across the world.


Besides this respect it is also important to highlight that there are several organizations on the web present who have come forward and have started acting as an intermediary for students in organizations so that they can easily connect with each other and gain internship opportunities. Hence, considering all these methods it can be state. That there is a strong possibility for Indian students to understand. The importance of internship and take an active role to take part in the same.

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