The Claim Against Exscapa Software of poker on Major Site Toto


After that, no one heard anything further 메이저사이트from him until December 2008, when he reappeared on the forum and made a threat that was only slightly disguised to divulge additional information. Following the publication of the threat, he vanished once more.

The poker community

The poker community could identify via Brainwashdodo’s IP address 메이저사이트that he was posting from the customer support center for UltimateBet, located in Costa Rica. As a result of his position as an employee, he had access to the history of the transactions.

Evidently, he was uploading information with the intent of blackmailing the corporation into paying him money in exchange for his quiet.


In January 2008, Tokwiro Enterprises decided to fill the position of Chief Operating Officer with Paul Leggett. He started working for the company not long after the Absolute Poker controversy but before the UltimateBet scandal became public knowledge.


Because of the litigation, Russ Hamilton and a few other stakeholders were required to give up their ownership interests in the company; nonetheless, he did not face any punishment for his participation in the matter.

You may recall that Tokwiro Enterprises had put a hold on their payments for the purchase of Exscapa Software in September of 2007. Because of this circumstance, members of the poker community began to wonder whether or not Tokwiro Enterprises was aware of the cheating that was going on at both of its sites; nevertheless, it was impossible to establish that this was the case.

In the complaint, it was alleged that cheating occurred due to a problem with the software. Tokwiro Enterprises asserted that Exscapa Software had distributed defective products to customers because of the software fault.

Because selling the company was such a difficult process, all of the company’s previous executives continued to work there after it was sold.

Around the same time that Tokwiro stopped making payments, Exscapa Software did, however, have some assets that were in the process of being liquidated. Following the conclusion of the legal process, the assets were made available to Tokwiro as part of the $15 million settlement, and any further payments for the transaction were ignored.

Thousands of hands impacted individual players but were not considered when calculating reimbursements.Under the aegis of the new firm, both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet were brought to life.

Both of these websites received software updates from a new company, enabling players to compete against users of the other website. However, they continued to function as two distinct locations.

Using the software update, Paul Leggett continued his attempts to address gamers’ complaints. He asserted that the two locations had new management and software installed; therefore, there was no cause for concern about either location.

The True Identity of Brainwashdodo Is Exposed

You will find that the merger occurred about the same time as posts on Brainwashdodo. This information was not discovered until much later, but there is no way that it was a coincidence.

An email conversation between Paul Leggett and Zoltan Rozsa, who worked as a customer support agent in Costa Rica, was ultimately shared with the public.

It was demonstrated that Zoltan Rozsa worked for the company when the controversy occurred.

Even though the poker world was disappointed that no one had been charged with a crime, it appeared that the entire matter had been resolved. However, no one had been charged with a crime.

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