Snapchat Is Letting Creators Show Their Subscriber Count For The First Time

Snapchat Is Letting Creators Show Their Subscriber Count For The First Time

Snapchat reportedly now allows creators to reveal their total number of subscribers, marking the first time the app has given any of its users a public way to show the size of their following.

It’s a major change in policy, as first reported by Tubefilter.

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, told The Verge that it listened to feedback from the creator community and that many of them expressed interest in showing their audience on Snapchat is growing. As a result, as of 3 November 2020, it’s making subscriber counts visible, though creators can turn it off.

Pocket-lint contacted Snap to learn more about how creators can access this feature in settings and whether all users will get the same capability.

Keep in mind Snapchat makes a point to differentiate users from creators on the platform. It even introduced creator profiles a couple months ago and gives creators insights on their audience. These metrics are only visible to the creators themselves; subscriber counts, however, are a public metric that others can see.

For comparison, on Instagram and TikTok, people and brands have long been able to easily see follower counts, which helps them determine the popularity of a user. By adopting such a feature, Snapchat could attract more creators and also influencers who use social media to generate revenue and promote their business.

Source / Pocket-lint

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