Seven Worlds One Planet: Release Date, Trailers, And Everything You Need To Know

Seven Worlds One Planet: Release Date, Trailers, And Everything You Need To Know

BBC has a new natural history series, called Seven Worlds One Planet, airing live on BBC One as well as live and on-demand on BBC iPlayer.

What Is Seven Worlds One Planet?

Seven Worlds One Planet is Sir David Attenborough’s latest series. It covers each of the world’s seven continents in seven different parts. Each new installment will show a different continent. The series is supposed to focus on “unknown, unseen, and unexpected wildlife stories”, and we can expect to see “new species and behaviours” from more than 40 countries.

Sir David has said it’s essentially a series celebrating the biodiversity and variety of life Earth, but it also covers climate change and how humans are negatively impacting the planet. The overall theme, however, is animals. You’ll see everything from spiders to whales. In other words, it very much follows in the footsteps of predecessor documentaries like Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

BBC said Seven Worlds One Planet took 1,794 days to shoot and required a team of 1,500 people and 92 separate film shoots.

Is Seven Worlds One Planet In UHD And HDR?

Yes. Viewers will be able to watch the programme in both ultra-high definition and high dynamic range.

BBC said this marks the first time people can watch one of its “landmark natural history programmes in UHD live, as-it’s-broadcast”. With compatible TVs, they will see an on-screen prompt, letting them know they can watch live in UHD.

When Does Seven Worlds One Planet Air?

The first episode of Seven Worlds One Planet focuses on the Antarctic. It will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 27 October at 6:15pm. Viewers will be able to watch each installment in HDR on BBC iPlayer after it’s aired.

Are There Any Trailers?

Yes. There are several:

Want To Know More?

If you’d like to learn more about how to watch Seven Worlds One Planet on BBC iPlayer, including a list of supported devices, go here.


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