Satisfying Images Of Knolled Tech And Everyday Objects

Satisfying Images Of Knolled Tech And Everyday Objects

Knolling is a wonderfully satisfying photography technique that involves lining things up to create the perfect image.

This style of photography involves arranging similar objects in a parallel manner or at 90-degrees in an organised way.

The result is often incredibly satisfying and somewhat beautiful. It’s become quite a trend in recent years, so we’ve collected some of our favourites for you to enjoy.


Rocco is a content creator for gaming gear brand Razer and Redbull gaming. As you’d expect, he’s got some pretty awesome gear to carry out both his job and his hobbies. Phones, drones, camera gear and a multitude of lenses make for an excellent knolling it seems.

A deconstructed mower

Some of these knolled images are neat, not just because they show objects in wonderful parallel lines, but also because they show all the component parts of a real-world item.

This view of a deconstructed manual lawn mower, for example, is not something you’re likely to see in day-to-day life. Yet it’s brilliantly satisfying to look at.

An Olympus camera in parts

Camera enthusiasts may well have mixed feelings about this one. This image shows an Olympus Pen-EE camera from 1962 in parts. It’s unlikely this camera will be put back together and still function, but it certainly looks great like this.

Motorola V500 flip phone

A retro Motorola V500 flip phone gets the knolling treatment. We love seeing these old devices in parts. All the little tech from generations gone by.

Swiss Army knife

This amazing image of a deconstructed Swiss Army knife is part of a series by Todd McLellan for a book “Things Come Apart“. This work includes a multitude of brilliant everyday objects broken down into all the component parts and laid out in satisfying lines for all to enjoy.

Serious surgery

It seems even surgeons enjoy a bit of knolling. It’s perfectly understandable that they’d want to be organised when in the midst of important life-saving work.

Wind and solar power

We’re honestly not sure what’s going on with this one, but we love the combination of solar panels, tiny windmills and smatterings of tech. The bold red background for this knolling is also awesome.

Satisfying skateboard

This is certainly one well-used skateboard. When the owner, Deborah Gruber took the wheels off for another project, she decided to take the entire thing apart specially for this photo.

The hipster photographer?

This image appeared on the web with the tagline “Adventurising Equipment.” – to us, it looks more like gear for a hipster photographer. Nice lines though.

Cameras, cameras, cameras

Jim Golden and Kristin Lane put together this impressive image of a multitude of cameras with the help of 15 photographers from Portland, Oregon. Certainly an impressive collection of cameras old and new. No doubt took ages to get them all neatly lined up too.

8 track collection

Another incredible image put together by Jim Golden shows a magnificent 8 track collection. Retro audio presented with fantastic styling.

Rad radio

Another awesome view of retro technology deconstructed and presented in a brilliantly satisfying knolled format. We love the clock numbers included in this one too. Intricate detail from wires, resistors and more are also wonderfully appealing.

One man and his tools

It’s fairly unusual to see a person included in a knolling image, but here it’s well warranted (and brilliant). This chap certainly has a lot of photography kit and all the gear he could possibly need for the perfect image. Though we bet that kit has only grown and grown since the original photo was taken.

On your bike

We love this simple view of an old school bicycle blown apart and spread out in a joyful knolling. The tools used are also included in the image and make for a really nice addition with spanners getting smaller and smaller in the most satisfying way.

Toasty toast

Like one of those many images you’ve probably already seen online asking how you like your food cooked, this knolling features toast of varying brownness. We’re fairly sure the house would have burnt down by the time the last one was made.

Brilliantly black

A very modern knolling view of things most of us have in our pockets or about our person. Car keys, phone, watch, loose change, wallet and more. All neatly arranged and brilliantly photographed.

Everyday essentials

This image shows the everyday essentials of Jae S. Min, a designer from the  Volkswagen Group of America. This photo was a selection of all the things he used for his day job back in 2013. Tablets, notebooks and even some caffeine, all these things helped this designer get through his day.

Volkswagen Golf in pieces

You may well have seen this image before, but it’s no less awesome no matter how many times you see it. At least in our mind anyway. All the parts of the VW Golf removed and displayed in fantastic knolling fashion.

Wonderfully white knolling

In 2012, American watch and accessories brand Nixon released a collection of white products including a watch, headphones, iPhone case and more. This image shows the range alongside a mixer and Technics turntable. Fantastic knolling for a product launch in our opinion.

A deconstructed typewriter

When their typewriter needed cleaning, Tinned Thumbs went once step further and took the entire thing apart. The resulting image is brilliantly satisfying and shows a cracking view of all the tiny parts of this old fashioned machine.

Retro consoles

What better tribute to the history of gaming than this photo of various awesome but now archaic consoles. Brilliantly presented and wonderfully arranged by Jim Golden.

A post mortem of a Wii controller

This brilliant image is a series of photos of various different gaming controllers dissected and neatly displayed by Ballen Photography.

“Deconstructed is a series of dissected controllers collected from the gamers who owned them. Each controller was used and often played until it was no longer operable. Some have been physically altered, and others were damaged in attempts to fix them. This is their autopsy, a chance to compare our growth and commitment to the tools we use to game.”

Source / Pocket-lint

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