Safety Rules for a Safety Playground


When you go to a 안전놀이터 with your kids, it is important to observe several rules of safety. These rules include no pushing, shoving, or running. Also, you should avoid protruding bolt ends and sharp edges. In addition, you should always stay by your child until help arrives. If you notice an accident, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Avoid pushing

When playing on the playground, you should make sure that children do not push each other. Doing so will prevent serious injuries such as concussions and asphyxiation. It is also important for children to walk on the playground to avoid collisions. It is also important for children to check that there are no people in their way before climbing on or off playground equipment. This can help prevent accidental bumps and kicks.

Avoid shoving

One of the most dangerous situations that occur on a safety playground is when children get caught up in the excitement of playing and push each other. This may be the result of a game of chase or trying to use two playground apparatuses at the same time. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure that your child takes turns using various equipment. Also, remember to let your child know that it is not appropriate to push or shove another child when they are on a playground. Also, if the playground is hot or hazy, make sure that your child drinks plenty of water. Lightning can also be a serious safety issue, so if you see this happening, take your child indoors immediately.

Avoid sharp edges

When children are playing in a playground, it is important to keep sharp edges away. These dangerous edges can trap the head or neck of a child. To avoid this, make sure that the playground equipment has no sharp edges or spaces. In addition, be sure to pick up any broken glass, which could suffocate a child. It is also wise to anchor the playground equipment.

Avoid protruding bolt ends

To avoid injuries, playground equipment should have no protruding bolt ends. The openings between playground equipment should be no more than three and a half inches. It should also be free of sharp points, protruding bolt ends, and “S” hooks. In addition, the safety of 안전놀이터equipment should be checked by parents. For example, children should not play on swing sets that may have protruding bolt ends, because clothing can get caught in these structures.

Avoid protruding “S” hooks

To prevent entanglement hazards, safety playgrounds should be designed without protruding “S” hooks or other sharp points. These are common sources of entanglement and can impale children when they fall against them. These hazards also can catch children’s clothing, causing them to become strangled. For example, children have strangled themselves with drawstrings from their hoods or necklaces when they are playing on playground equipment with “S” hooks or bolts that protrude from them. Open “S” hooks and other sharp points are also tripping hazards.

Avoid protruding “S” hooks on the equipment

To avoid injuries involving protruding “S” hooks, equipment should be designed with safety latches. It is also important to use hooks that do not exceed the recommended capacity for the chain/hook system. Manufacturers determine the capacity of their products; it is best to check with your supplier for more information. During operations near overhead electric lines, employees, lift equipment, and devices should not approach the lines any closer than 10 feet. The guidelines for working near overhead electric lines are listed in WAC 296-24-960.

Report playground hazards to the organization responsible for the site

If you observe a playground that has certain hazards, it’s important to report them to the organization responsible for the site. This may be the school, park authority, or city council. Reporting playground hazards will help you ensure the safety of the site for the children who visit it.

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