Rise Above the Rest by Installing an Elevator in Your Luxury Residential Real Estate Investment

Rise Above the Rest by Installing an Elevator in Your Luxury Residential Real Estate Investment

If you’re a high end real estate investor or home builder, you’ll know that you need to think creatively to capture more of the marketplace. Those looking to purchase luxury properties are discriminating, and they want unique home elements that differentiate their house from any other in their area. It’s not enough to have an outdoor pool, a whirlpool tub, or a nice built-in architectural features: those with money to spend want to get the most fascinating home, one that will be the talk of the town for years to come. That’s why you need to think ahead – and look up.

Once you’ve weighed the many factors and begun to invest in real estate, it’s time to think of how you can add value to your properties before sale; with luxury homes, you need to think a little differently than you might for more pedestrian properties. This can mean putting in some exciting features, such as a pneumatic residential elevator. Today, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should buy residential elevators for your luxury investment properties, from their added elegance to their convenience for older buyers. 

Their sleek and modern design works well for contemporary homes and condominiums in hot markets

While some high-end buyers are looking for a large, traditional mansion, many others want something newer that represents the cutting edge of real estate. For those buyers, it would seem anachronistic to install a bulky traditional elevator, as it would make a contemporary home seem dated. That’s why a pneumatic residential elevator is the perfect choice for these properties: it has a space-age design and fascinating new technology to match. It looks perfect in minimalist homes, such as this $23 million Honolulu property, and can come in numerous finishes to exactly match the rest of the home. Classy homeowners can show off their exciting transportation method to awed visitors, and explain how it uses physics, rather than brute force mechanics, to transport loads.

Pneumatic elevators are quiet and unobtrusive, which can be a big selling point for condo owners

Not every luxury property is an enormous country estate: many are petite condominiums located in bustling metropolises. For these, the location is the real selling point, as buyers want to be right next to all the most important amenities and landmarks of their chosen city, but that doesn’t mean that real estate developers can skimp on the features inside the condominium. They do, however, need to think economically and choose great projects that minimize square footage while maximizing enjoyment.

A pneumatic elevator is the absolute perfect solution for a multistory condominium owner, as they’re very small and can be installed in an area no bigger than a closet if necessary. Owners will get the convenience of an elevator without needing to sacrifice much of their condominium’s tight space – but this isn’t the only benefit to condo owners.

Because of their design, which uses vacuum pressure to draw up the elevator car, this style of elevator is very quiet compared to other types. In a crowded residential area where noise is a concern, owners can use their elevator at all times of the night without worrying that they’re disrupting the sleep of their next door neighbors.

Speaking of being considerate, pneumatic elevators are polite right off the bat: their easy installation process means that there will be minimal disruption to property owners and their neighbors. Some elevators can take weeks or even months to install, but pneumatic elevators can be set up in under a week. 

They are eco-conscious – a huge draw for more environmentally aware buyers

Many well-to-do individuals are highly aware of the environment and want to minimize their impact on the earth. This is especially true if their home is in a beautiful but ecologically fragile area of the world, as they’ll want to emphasize their respect for the local environment in every element of their home design.

Pneumatic elevators are an excellent choice for savvy, eco-friendly buyers, as they don’t use any oil or heavy machinery in their construction. Pneumatic and cable-driven elevators require lubricants to continue working, and this heavy oil is extracted just like those from any other industrial option, which can make very ecologically aware people leery. Similarly, those forms of elevator need a lot of electricity to function, as it takes a lot of power to push the elevator car up the shift or yank down on a cable to get it going. 

In contrast, pneumatic elevators need absolutely no oil or lubricant, and they use little to no electricity to operate. This will ease the mind of those high-flying buyers who want convenience with a smaller carbon footprint.

Final thoughts

For those looking to invest in high-end real estate, it’s essential to get to know the marketplace and to consider all the needs of luxury buyers, who want the best and brightest of everything. Pneumatic elevators are a showstopper, highly convenient and environmentally friendly, and they can be placed in nearly any size of home with little issue. If you’re ready to upgrade your properties to attract the best buyers, a pneumatic elevator is a great addition to your houses.

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