One Plus 5: The latest launch of One Plus: The best buy within the price range

One Plus 5

Communication is an important part of social life, and hence over the period, there have been numerous inventions made in this field. Different devices have contributed well to the field and made communication easier than before. The cellphone made it mobile while the smartphone made it faster and relieved the same from the slavery of network and phone calls. Nowadays with the help of various applications and smartphone one can easily communicate over the internet. There are millions of mobile phones in the market these days provided by different makers. The One Plus 5 is one of the modern smartphones that has been the choice of many buyers these days.

One of the most recent Chinese companies to have marked its brand name internationally is One Plus. This Chinese smart phone manufacturer founded by Pete Lau in 2013 is based in Shenzen and is now serving around forty-two countries. The One Plus 5 was released on June 22ndof 2017 and is a perfect successor of One Plus 3T which was released in the previous year. If you are looking for a high priced phone with the best features at the specified price, then One Plus 5 is a perfect choice to opt for.

With a number of Chinese brands exuding the market, One Plus has been catching up quite well in the last five years creating a strong market base not only in Indian markets but also internationally. It is known for its high-quality pictures, high battery life and good music quality overall making its phones an all rounder. The following article shall try to enumerate some of the specifications of One Plus 5. An attempt to expatriate in detail will definitely help the buyers to compare with phones within the similar price range before investing their money into buying a high priced phone.

Display and Screen

The One Plus 5 comes with a display screen size of 5.5 inches full high-definition screen (1080 x 1920) with an optic AMOLED display which is protected by Corning gorilla glass screen protector. The immaculate display is also a result of its 6 GB RAM and Adreno 540 graphics card. The HD quality gives an immaculate viewing and the extra care taken towards screen protection makes sure that your display does not break even in adverse conditions. The RAM size and resolution of the screen are the most lucrative features of the device. For the users who love to have a device with the best screen, this device is a must to go for.


The phone has Android v7.1.1 (Nougat) operating system and is available in the gray coloured body. The dual quad-core processor is placed upon Snapdragon 835 chipset. It also possesses an octa-core processor of 2.45 GHz. The high RAM enables the phone to function without any lag or stoppage. Hence a combination of the latest version of Android and high-quality processor makes the device lead the market in the situation of toughest competition also.


The phone has an amazing camera with 16 MP + 20 MP dual primary camera and 16 MP front camera. Along with that, it possesses a dual LED flash to click immaculate pictures at night or when there is low light. The camera captures not only high-quality images but also support 4K video recording. Apart from that, there are other features like HDR, exposure compensation, ISO control, digital image stabilization apart from the regular features. Thus needless to mention, the camera of this phone is equivalent or even better than digital cameras and is a photographer friendly phone not only due to its high image quality but adjustable features and breathtaking filters. For those who love to keep on having selfies and video shoots frequently, the quality camera of the device can offer some better reasons to go for the same.

Battery and Storage

The battery and storage are one of the integral parts of the android phones since a dearth of either can be problematic for the user. The phone contains a lithium polymer battery of 3300 mAh which is inclusive of dash charging. The phone has an inbuilt memory of 64 GB, but there is no slot for micro SD card. Therefore, there is no scope for expandable memory.  The device falls into the premium segment price range, and lack of expandable memory can surely lead to disappointment among those who need to store songs, pictures and other data files.

Connectivity Options

The phone has a dual SIM card slot facility thus enabling 4G, 3G and 2G SIM cards along with regular connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and USB Type C. Hence there are ample ways provided on the device that can help the user to exchange the data and other files to different devices.


The phone comes under the high priced range, and the One Plus 5 price in India is 32,999 INR. According to the price, the device will have to compete to some of the models offered by leading brands in the market. The restricted memory can be a big hurdle for the model to have a great response from the buyers.


One must buy this phone for the four most important reasons which are its robust configuration, dash charging support, sharp camera feature and its superb display. Being one of the best smart phones within this budget, you can play games or use your phone for multitasking without having to worry about charge depletion. The dash charging support system will charge your phone in no time and the RAM being as high as 6 GB will take care of any lag while playing high-resolution games. This high-end phone is the best that you can buy within the given price range. Those who love to have the device for business purpose only can go for this device as it is doubtlessly a faster phone compared to many other models in the market.

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