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NetBaseQuid is a new and advanced text analysis tool for social media tools, which helps users visualize and measure the impact of their message on social networks. Quid’s user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use. Users can either create a project from scratch or import data from their Facebook page or Twitter handle to get started.

Analyze your network and get complete insights on your social media efforts’ reach, sentiment, and sentiment analysis. You will be able to see the distribution of interaction across a variety of keywords, determine which keywords or networks have been effective in driving that exchange, measure how well you are using the right hashtags, identify those who are most likely to retweet your content, and understand where your audience is gaining positive attitudes about you.

Services Of NetBaseQuid

1. Twitter Analytics

Quid offers detailed information about the interactions on one’s Twitter handle, including but not limited to: the number of users retweeting, replying, and mentioning from different locations in the world, most talked about topics on a user’s channel, frequencies of interaction per hour/day/week (for each day or week), average sentiment score and sentiment reach over time.

2. Facebook Insights

Quid gives you insights into the following about your Facebook page activity:

Several likes were received on each post since it was first posted (overall), engagement rate per post, and reach per post (overall).

3. Network Analysis

Quid intelligently mines social networks to identify which are most influential in page reach, sentiment, and sentiment analysis. These network analyses are done at both a snapshot and trend level. It is essential information for any user who wants to understand their online impact and make it more sustainable.

4. Keyword Analyzer

Quid provides an exhaustive list of trending keywords used on various social networks, with their associated sentiment scores in the form of a ranking for each keyword, by the network.

It also identifies the most popular networks for a given keyword and creates a box showing which networks have effectively driven interaction with that keyword.

Possible Ways NetBaseQuid Could Help Reach Business Goals

1. The popularity of the company

In a business environment, it is necessary to maintain interaction and engagement with the brand. NetBaseQuid provides actionable data about the brands that could help achieve this goal. It gives a platform where people can easily access information about any brand. Hence, it is possible to deliver best practices to other companies related to communication and marketing.

2. The best way for the marketing strategy

The NetBaseQuid analyzes social media tools communications and gives its users an idea of what they are doing right and wrong so they can optimize their efforts to get better results.

3. The customers’ feedback

If NetBaseQuid is also gaining insights about your company or brand’s comments, reviews, and ratings. It will allow users to improve their business offerings or product quality to meet their customers’ needs and desires.

4. The marketing campaign

Quid shows users the best way to market their brand on social media. It could be through online promotions, advertisements, or paid advertisements. Through this, NetBaseQuid, users can learn about the different ways to make their businesses reachable to more people, and people will be able to find them easily.

5. The content management

NetBaseQuid helps users access all the data from their social media marketing by giving them extensive information about various aspects of the campaign. It would give any company a clear advantage over other companies in their area.

 Quid provides an opportunity to all the people who wish to know their online impact. Through its services, users will be able to explore their social network and its relation in terms of reach and interactions, and it will help users to act more on their actions to get more sustainable results.

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