Logical reasoning test: Pre-screening of prospective candidates

Logical reasoning test

Are you planning to start with a new hiring but not really sure if the recruitment process that you are planning to indulge in is going to work or not. If yes, then, certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. It is important that you consider the crucial part of hiring before you even consider of selecting a candidate. That is the main reason bringing a positive change in your hiring process would only help your business make the retention policy more strong at the same time can let you take the best decision for the growth in this competitive environment.

Understanding the concept of Pre-screening test:

Talking about bringing the change in the hiring process, you can consider the aspect of pre-screening test. The focus of such test is to let the employers like you make a quick analysis on the working of the candidate. Such type of test can help your business not just grow but can also let you choose the right employee who with years of his experience and knowledge can help the organization grow. The purpose of the test is to analyse the practical knowledge which the candidate has got over the theoretical one and whether it can be well implemented for the company’s growth or not.

The types that need to be known:

Starting off with the pre screening test, it is extremely important for you to understand the types associated with it. Practically, pre screening is divided into two categorize which is aptitude test and psychometric test. The focus of aptitude test is to understand the initiative approach and even the quick understanding which the candidate has got on the working environment where he would be working. The other one that we are talking about is the psychometric test which is all about understanding the nature of the candidate and whether he or she can be a perfect fit for the job role or not.

Understanding the concept of logical reasoning test

Aptitude test is further categorized into many types. Talking of which, today we will learn more about the logical reasoning test. The purpose of such test is to assess the ability of the candidate depending upon the way he/she actually comes to a conclusion with the help of the logic which they have actually up through the problem that you had provided them to solve. This way, it becomes quite convenient for you to know if the person can use some logical solutions for certain problem and save time on dealing with the issues in a better way or not.

How the test is created?

Aptitude test is known for many different types of test that claims to give the fruitful result. But when it comes to logical reasoning test, things are totally different since, such test solely focuses on providing the candidates with the regular issues that comes in the work place and to know how they would react to those scenarios. Certainly, it seems to be a great way to find out the proactive approach which these candidates hold and whether it is a perfect choice to hire the person or not.

To create the test you first need to understand the questions that are worth to be put. If you are creating such test for the first time then consulting a subject matter expert can definitely help you. Also, it is important for you to consider the timing that needs to be put for the question. The test shall include drawings or some kind of quiz or puzzle that needs to be solved using logic. The person, who answers or exceeds the organization expectation in less possible time, shall be eligible for the next round of interview. This way, it would help your business not only hire the right candidate but also compare among the potential ones who with their experience can help your business earn a good credibility and get the best response in less possible time from the topmost clients.

Is it worth to use such test?

There is no harm in making an investment in such test since it gives you a better way to explore the new and different types of candidates and their capabilities. Besides, this test if you create it online with proctored solution; it comes even more convenient for you to evaluate the candidate irrespective of the location.

The test is worth to be conducted for a fact that your business will have a stronger team and the returns in terms of the clients response that you would get is something you might have never imagined earlier.

There are many big and small scale companies sharing the same business profile as yours. Of course, this could be an alarming situation since there are chances of competition for your start-up. But as long as you have the most efficient team working for you then there should not be any problem.

With so many test coming across, to choose the right one matching your companies’ expectations is the most challenging thing. But again, if you make the decision in a right manner, then the success will not be far especially when it comes to hiring a candidate. So take your time and make the wise decision. After all, hiring the right team can only help your business grow and for this, choosing the best team members are important.

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