Lenovo Is Launching The First Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Laptop – With 5G

Lenovo Is Launching The First Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Laptop – With 5G

Qualcomm and Lenovo are revealing the first PC this week based on its new performance-orientated Snapdragon 8cx platform for Windows laptops.

Dubbed “Project Limitless”, the new laptop is the first PC to have a 5G modem rather than the 4G unit in previous ARM-based, Snapdragon-powered laptops. Of course, the benefit of having cellular on board is that the system can be always-connected even when away from Wi-Fi.

We predicted the first Snapdragon 8cx PC would be from Lenovo when Qualcomm first briefed us on the tech back in December – Qualcomm had sample Lenovo PCs running 8cx at the same event.

This week is Computex 2019, where lots of PC vendors reveal their new wares so there will be plenty of computing announcements this week. We don’t have a huge amount of information on the new device as yet, but we’re expecting to hear full specs from Lenovo soon.

We don’t yet know how well Windows on Snapdragon (WoS) laptops are selling, but the handful of models released using Snapdragon 835 and 850 over the last year have had mixed reviews. We’ve praised the huge battery life, but the performance side has been a little lacking – something Qualcomm is hoping that the new 8cx platform will address.

And that’s before the fact you get to the fact that few big-name Windows apps have been prepared for ARM-based systems. These laptops can run anything in the Windows Store (they ship with Windows 10 in S Mode), but again the app selection isn’t the best there.

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