How to Manage Your Book Writing Process


Ghostwriting is an art. It’s a skill you must develop. That’s why not everybody can do ghostwriting. Thus, if you are looking to write a book and don’t have the skills, hire a ghostwriter. If you don’t have the time to write an excellent book, hiring a ghostwriter is the best thing to do.

Hire the right writer. Also, getting the most out of your memoir ghostwriter is important. Manage the ghostwriting process. To optimize the process, use the following tips and tricks to manage the memoir ghostwriting process.

Planning Phase

Hiring a ghostwriter will save you time. It will make the book writing process easy and effective. However, if you are looking to write a powerful book that mirrors your vision, invest in the writing process. Before anything is written, plan well. Draft the blueprint first. Discuss the project with your ghostwriter.

You can use Zoom video calls if he/she is located far away. Discuss the style. Doing so will help you get it right when it comes to booking positioning. The ghostwriter will understand your audience, your book’s strong points, and its angle. He/she will understand what you want to offer to the reader. Pay close attention to the following aspects when discussing the book with your ghostwriter:

  • Outline and content descriptions
  • Primary themes
  • Book-length
  • Project timelines
  • Marketing strategy
  • How to reach publishers
  • Plot
  • Characters

Additionally, you should also have a clear plan. Also, have an interview schedule with your ghostwriter. Use the interview to track progress.

Prepare Well

Prepare in advance to optimize the book planning session. Your book should have an agenda. Share the agenda with your ghostwriter in advance. You also need to establish your preferred style. You should also find a voice for your book. Go through top books on the market. Draw inspiration from top writers in your genre. Give your ghostwriter a list of top books you would love to draw inspiration from. Choose a style that captures your needs.

Collect samples. This includes videos and recordings. You should also have writing samples. These samples can be used as guidelines when writing your book. They will give the ghostwriter insights into what you need.

Meet With The Ghostwriter

Schedule a physical meeting with your ghostwriter. Physical meetings are ideal when it comes to connecting with your ghostwriter. A physical meeting allows the ghostwriter to understand your style, tone, and personality.

Select a strategic meeting location. For instance, if your book is on leadership skills, call him/her to your office. It will instill the corporate culture into your book. On the other hand, you can meet at the park if you are writing a novel, memoir, etc. Location will give the writer an idea about your needs.

Keep Things Professional

At times, you might delve into personal conversations. Friendly conversations are not bad. However, it’s important to keep things professional. Don’t waste time on personal matters. Keep your eye on the results. Stick within the topics. Minimize personal conversations. This will give your book enough time.

Maintaining a professional relationship minimizes time wastage. Spend more time tackling the topics at hand. Discuss issues that can improve your book. Allow your editor more time to research as opposed to wasting time on personal conversations.

Credit And Testimonials

In most cases, ghostwriters work in an incognito relationship. Their work is confidential. They don’t receive any mention after the book is published. However, offering your ghostwriter a testimonial or a credit cover will push him/her into delivering better results.

You can also give your writer loyalties. Doing so will encourage your writer to produce better results. This is a good way to motivate your ghostwriter. Inform your writer (in advance) of your intention to give him/her special mention. Plus, you can use the special mention to negotiate for a better deal.

Single Person Review

Of course, it’s pretty normal to have somebody review your writer’s work. It can be your mother’s cousin or your brother’s friend. However, taking your editor’s work through a community review process will confuse the writer. It may end up pulling the editorial process in numerous confusing directions. This can be time-wasting. Instead, consider electing one person to review the work. This will streamline the editorial process.

Kindness Is Key

Don’t harass your ghostwriter. Be kind to him/her. Patience is important. This is a process. There will be many ups and downs. Remember, capturing your voice is a process. Embracing your style is not easy. It will take time.

Your ghostwriter will take time to factor in your voice and style in the book. Thus, take things slowly. Understand that he/she is a human being. Don’t harass your ghostwriter. It will kill his/her morale. Understanding him/her will inspire confidence. It will push him/her to produce more results. Also, respect is one of the best ways to motivate your ghostwriter. Collaborate with your ghostwriter during this complex process.

Regular Billing

Don’t wait for the charges to accrue. Request him/her to create regular invoices. Don’t wait until the project is over to request billing. It will shock you. The charges can be too big. It will scare you.


There are no fixed charges when it comes to ghostwriting. Most ghostwriters are understanding. That’s why you should negotiate to get a better deal. Also, negotiate deadlines. Getting a better deal will streamline the project. You can inform your ghostwriter of your intention to offer him/her a mention in the book. This alone will prompt him/her to give you a better deal.

Use Clear Communication Channels

Select one communication method to be used throughout the project. Don’t keep changing your communication channels. If it’s Slack, stick to it. If you prefer email communication let it be. You can choose Email, Slack, and Skype. If you can. You can schedule face-to-face meetings. Also, phone conversations are effective. Choose a communication channel that is effective for both parties.

The Bottom-Line

Ghostwriters are specifically trained to write books. They have mastered the art of creating magic with words to write excellent books. They know how to deal with the story plot and characters in a book. Thus, don’t go it alone, especially if you don’t have the skill and time. Think of hiring a ghostwriter. The above tips and tricks will help you manage the ghostwriting process and get the best results.

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