How to Compare Acrylic and PVC Laminates: Everything You Need to Know

PVC Laminates

Acrylic and PVC laminates are two of the most sought-after surfacing materials. If you have a plan to design your home or kitchen shortly, you may choose either for contemporary decor. Both materials have a good finish that can transform the look and feel of the interior. Whether you want to renovate your modular kitchen or adorn your old-styled cabinets and wardrobes, acrylic and PVC laminates can help you give life to your vision. But then, choosing between the two is tough if you are new to them.

Both have their pros and cons. While acrylic laminates are costlier than PVC laminates, the latter is much classier. Before deciding which of these two materials is better, you must know the following things about them.

What are acrylic laminates?

Acrylic laminates are types of decorative sheets that are coated onto the woodwork to provide a glossy finish. They reflect light beautifully, making the space look more spacious and opulent. They have become fundamental to creating contemporary designs in homes. These sheets are made of polymer fibre, have a reflective and shiny surface finish, and are ideal for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and other interior applications. Like PVC laminate sheets, they come in various designs and colour options. Plus, they are durable enough to last for years after installation. Cleaning and maintaining them is also easy.

What are PVC laminates?

PVC laminates are multi-layered, decorative sheets made of polyvinyl chloride. These sheets are manufactured by pressing together papers with plastic resins. PVC laminates are available in matte and glossy finishes and are a good choice for interior and exterior designs. They are thin and can be bent at 90-degree angles without breaking.

  • Costs

Acrylic laminates are a good choice for people with no budgetary constraints. They offer a sophisticated look, make the space feel extravagant, and leave a style statement. There can be no classier choice than acrylic laminates when designing kitchens, wardrobes, and cabinets.

On the other hand, PVC laminates are more budget-friendly and are preferable for people with moderate budgets. They offer a variety of colours, patterns, and textures and are more durable than acrylic sheets. For added durability and aesthetics, you may buy high-pressure laminates from a reputed laminate manufacturer in India.

  • Advantages

People craving glossy sheen can find no better surfacing solution than acrylic laminates. These sheets do not lose their shine for years after installation. Effortless maintenance, glossy surface finish, and long-lasting shine are a few benefits that make these sheets unavoidable when improving your kitchen or home appearance. Besides being resistant to moisture and UV light, acrylic laminates are easy to clean. They get scratches and dirt quickly, and marks are easily visible on the surface.

PVC laminates are a more versatile option than acrylic laminates. They are available in numerous finishes, including matte, glossy, and high-gloss. Designs, patterns, colours, and shades with PVC laminates are countless. And if you buy them from Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India, your design choices increase substantially. You may use them on any surface to create any design and theme you have in mind and uplift the overall aesthetics. These sheets are thin and flexible and can bend at 90-degree angles to cover the edges well. The easy-bending properties reduce the need for cutting work and make them ideal for compact spaces. In addition, they are resistant to abrasion, termite, moisture, and heat.

  • Surface finish

Both acrylic and PVC laminates are aesthetic surfacing materials. However, the latter offers more surface finishes than the former. Acrylic laminates feature a reflective, high-gloss finish similar to lacquer and are available in vibrant colours. They add glamor to the space and make the interior look lavish and elegant.

As for PVC laminates, they come in a gamut of eye-catching textures, patterns, and finishes. The best thing is that they can replicate stones, natural wood, leather, metal, ceramics, and just about every surface used for modern décor. They give a more realistic appearance.

Now that we have compared and contrasted both the materials, it is time to know where you can find the best quality laminates that meet your diverse surfacing needs. Although there are numerous laminate manufacturers in India, you cannot trust all. Not to worry, Royale Touche is one of the best laminate brands in India, offering the most exclusive range of laminates. Here, you may choose from 600+ designs and 40+ realistic textures. Royale Touche laminates guarantee durability, long-lasting shine, easy maintenance, trendy appeal, and more.

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