How To Choose The Best Child Support Lawyer For You?

How To Choose The Best Child Support Lawyer For You

For most people going through a divorce, the biggest fear lies in supporting their child and/or themselves financially. The best way to mitigate this fear and put one’s mind at ease would be to have an experienced child support attorney or lawyer. This lawyer would ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Child support is the financial aid offered to a child by their parent. It is often confused with child custody. This lasts till said child reaches adulthood. This is usually age eighteen and can be longer in the cases of children with special needs.

Child custody refers to the physical and legal rights and responsibilities parents have concerning their children. Typically, parents with custody of the children (i.e the custodial parents) are not required to pay child support. They are presumed to fulfill all financial obligations through their children’s daily care. Noncustodial parents, on the other hand, are generally required to pay the child support fee.

Child support is typically mandated in court to ensure that both parents are providing for the child. The exact requirement of each parent is determined by a number of factors that aid in the creation of a reasonable calculation.

Knowing if you’ve partnered with the best lawyer for your needs can be a tricky affair. Thus, in this article, we’d take a look at factors to consider and know to enable you to make the best decision.

How To Choose The Best Child Support Lawyer

Here are some things to do before deciding on a child support lawyer to represent you.

Learn A Whole Lot About Child Support.

This is especially important if it’s your first time seeking child support. As with most things in life, being better informed allows for better decision-making. Learning more about child support ensures that you understand exactly what is going on at every point in the process. It also allows you to know what certain decisions mean to every party involved.

While achieving this can be a time-consuming task, it would most definitely be worth it in the long run. Visiting multiple trustworthy websites is a sure way to get quality information. It can also be tremendously helpful to search for state-specific information. Different states and countries have different laws concerning child support.

Filter Then Select.

It is vital to be very strict and to have specific requirements when deciding on a child support lawyer to work with. As with any legal proceeding, selecting a lawyer just because they are available would be an unwise decision.

Deciding on the right lawyer can be a tough task. This is especially true as most lawyers you’d find during your research would seem like a good idea. Meeting with them, however, might prove otherwise. Therefore, having specific requirements such as several positive reviews from previous clients, and so on would help narrow down the candidate pool. Which would bring you a step closer to selecting the right attorney for you.

Know The Questions You’d Like Answered.

People tend to forget that they should ask every question they have during interviews with prospective attorneys. In a similar manner to having specific requirements, it is important to have a list of specific questions you’d want to be answered. These questions can range from what to expect, in the court process, to the cost of the service to be provided and so on. Having these questions documented somewhere is advised. The answers given by the lawyers would set out expectations of both parties and determine whether they’d be the best for you.

Schedule Interviews.

Once your questions have all been curated, the next step is to schedule meetings. These meetings would be with the top candidates remaining on the list. These meetings can be done in person, which is preferred, or remotely, as need be. The meeting would aim to determine if the candidate is right for you and if they can answer all your questions satisfactorily. An underrated factor to consider during these meetings is comfort. It is vital that you feel comfortable around your lawyer or attorney as both child support and child custody cases tend to feel invasive. Therefore, feeling comfortable with your lawyer or attorney is very vital. While conducting these meetings, it is important to be on the lookout for recency and primacy bias. This means even if you like the first or the last lawyer you meet, make sure to take time to compare them to other candidates to ensure a data-driven decision is made.

Embed Yourself In The Process.

It is a common belief that once you’ve gotten the right lawyer for your needs, your job is done. This couldn’t be further from the truth as if one wants their desired outcome to become reality, they’d need to be hands-on throughout the project. Throughout the duration of the case, it would be ideal for you, the client, to be available. This includes being receptive to all strategies made available by the lawyer.

Frequently Asked Child Support Questions.

Frequently Asked Child Support Questions

Do I Receive Child Support If I’m Pregnant?

Yes, It is possible for a father to be made to provide child support to a pregnant mother through the pregnancy. Though this is possible, the court would require proof of paternity. It is important to note that this is only possible in some states in the US. The laws of other states need the child to be born first before child support is initiated.


Child Support In The US: How Long Does It Last?

In most states, it is the requirement of a parent to support their child till he or she has reached the age of adulthood which is eighteen “18” in most states. For children who need special care, the supporting period extends till the child can support himself or herself. It is important to note that the age of adulthood is often different from the age of consent in some states. This includes Texas, where the age of consent is 17 while the age of adulthood is 18Thusre, child support ends at age 18 in texas.


Can You Recommend Top-notch Child Support Lawyers In San Antonio?

While there are multiple child support lawyers on the market, only a few possess the experience and record to qualify as top-notch. One of those is the team at Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. The firm provides attentive, personalized service for family law needs in San Antonio. Check out their website for more information at Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc.



As explained above, choosing a child support lawyer is a delicate task that requires a lot of conscious decision making. It is vital to remember to be hands-on till the case is finalized. Choosing the right child support lawyer can spell the difference between winning and losing the case.

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