How to bring Happiness in the home through Vastu

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The principles of nature and the effects of directional alignment on human habitation are proposed in Vastu Shastra, the construction science. Those with keen intellects may dismiss the assertion as absurd, yet you’d be surprised at how often reality defies expectations. To what do we owe the pleasure, comfort, and warmth we experience in our homes? 

  • Add some plants to the room.

In addition to improving air quality and mood, keeping houseplants around is an excellent idea because they add colour and life to any room. Plants such as basil (also known as Tulsi), aloe vera (also known as snake plant), ficus (also known as a money plant), and areca palm are considered beneficial in Vastu. You can contact Vastu Consultant online.

  • Use Rock salt for cleaning. 

One of the Vastu tips for the home is indoor air quality; pink rock salt is effective. The vital wind element of the crystals dispels negative energy. The room needs rock salt bowls strategically placed at the four corners. Once a week, sprinkle salt on the floor to kill any bacteria that may have accumulated there. Having the bowl close by can be helpful for a sick individual. Periodic replacement of salt crystals is recommended.

  • Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource in Vastu, and squandering it might have severe consequences for one’s health. According to astrologers, Leaving a bowl of water outside for birds and strays is an excellent Vastu treatment that will also benefit your health.

  • Put Food Back Where It Belongs

Stocking your pantry and storage rooms with grains and other food items while they face southwest is said to bring prosperity into your home. As a result, you will be more likely to opt for nutritious foods, which are crucial in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Light Camphor

If you light a camphor candle in your home once a week, you can protect yourself against negative energy. A combination of neem and lemongrass is a good air purifier.

  • Remove Any Clutter 

Visitors will feel more welcome in your home if the doorway has been recently cleaned, dusted, and decluttered. Keeping the door from turning into a stale, abandoned space that attracts negative vibes can be as simple as wiping it off with a solution of rock salt and water once a day.

  • Keep Fruits

A basket of fruit may do wonders for your mood. A basket of colourful fruit in the centre of the table might be interpreted as a call to embrace a healthier lifestyle. An image of the same object hung in a prominent place might attract positive energy to the home.

  • Raise the Light in Entryway

A warm welcome can be felt when guests enter a well-lit home at the entryway. Natural light can be easily attained by installing a window near the entrance or strategically placing a lamp or Diya outside the door.

  • Be Careful When Choosing Works of Art 

Remove any artwork or images from your living space that depicts anguish or tragedy. Avoid inviting negative energy into your home by removing broken items like picture frames, mirrors, and electronics as soon as possible.

  • The Bathroom Should Always Be Well-Lit.

To maintain a healthy Vastu in the bathroom, ventilation is essential. Ensure the bathroom’s window and ventilation fan are always pointed north. This promotes a cleaner environment by decreasing the number of germs present.

  • Pooja Room is in North

Make sure your Pooja room faces north or is located in the northwestern portion of your property, as this is the most spiritual part of your home, according to Vastu. This cardinal direction is mainly associated with things of a spiritual and divine nature. It follows that this is the best possible orientation for a Pooja room. Turn your body, so your head is facing East or North East while you pray. The idols must be placed in the most bright spots in the Pooja room.

  • Use bamboo flutes for negative energy.

If you want to clear your home of negative energy, you should eliminate any depictions of violence. Positive energy is best dispersed in symmetrical patterns. Small pyramids can block the passage of negative energy in spaces with a roof with five corners.

  • Avoid Dark Colours in the bedroom. 

Bedrooms are places of renewal because of all the time we spend there sleeping and recharging. Dark colours, such as reds and blacks, should be avoided in the bedroom. Having a mirror facing the bed is not a good idea, as it can cause insomnia and marital discord. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health and happiness. Do not bring plants inside the bedroom, and empty the garbage cans. Don’t bring flowers into the bedroom if you can help with it. 


Happy thoughts come from an optimistic outlook. The physical form reflects the inner state. However, this state of mind can be altered by various environmental factors. Vastu, or home design, is essential. 

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