Every parent sooner or later faces the question – should you send your child to a camp, or is it too early? or to grandma’s? or to a babysitter at home (in the countryside)? Is it necessary to take risks while spending a decent amount of the family budget? A great option would be a kids cooking party in Singapore, where the child will not only have a good time, but also learn new skills to share with the others.

We will try to give our opinion based on many years of experience in sending children to camps. We hope it (the opinion), will help ease the difficult question of choosing a children’s camp.

Do I need in principle a children’s camp on vacation?

Yes, it is. Adaptation to society, socialization, the ability to feel not a “mama’s boy,” and in a community of similar children. School, home, clubs, and sections can’t replace the whole range of vital skills that a child gets in a camp, even a not very good one. And in a good camp, you can discover new abilities and hidden talents. And, of course, outdoor recreation, the sea, hiking, sports, etc. – is one of the most important advantages of every camp.

How many times can you send a child to the camp?

– This question arises before all working parents – because vacation time is so short, and the summer is 3 months. During spring, fall, and winter vacations, most parents can do without a children’s camp, but in the summer it is much harder.

Our recommendations: from 6-7 to 8-9 years old, try to limit yourself to 1 shift (21 days) at camp during the whole summer.

From 10 years old and up – a maximum of 2 consecutive shifts.

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How do you overcome fear for your child when he’s at camp?

– “Everyone does it” is certainly not an argument. In our opinion, the best way not to worry is to remember that you can always call and talk to your child, especially in the first days of camp. Be sure, even if the child has his own cell phone, to take the phone number of the counselor, and the counselors. They will always put your child on the phone if he doesn’t answer the phone. But always remember: in order to talk on the phone is not an irritant, do not call during “quiet time”, after lights out, or while swimming at sea.

In order to better understand the rhythm of life in the camp, get acquainted in advance with the conditions of accommodation, activities, and internal rules of the camp, and many questions will disappear by themselves, and cause for concern will be much less. If a child stubbornly refuses to answer the phone, and the counselors say that everything is fine – do not immediately conclude that something is wrong. Chances are he is, on the contrary, very good, he is busy, he is enthralled, and he has no time! And he has not learned yet to worry about his parents, when he grows up he will understand…

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