How Do CBD Vape E-Liquids Work? Does It Work the Same Way as CBD Vape Oil? 

CBD Vape Oil

If you’ve been struggling with chronic conditions but never seem to find reliable treatments, perhaps it’s time to look in the direction of cannabidiol. More popularly known by the abbreviation CBD Vape Oil, cannabidiol is a chemical in cannabis widely touted as a potential remedy for various ailments.  

CBD is mainly recommended for diseases that generally produce pain and inflammation as their core symptoms. Examples include arthritis, cancer, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. The compound may also relieve nausea, anxiety and sleep disorders, involuntary muscle spasticity, etc.  

Like most cannabis extracts, cannabidiol comes in many formulations. Common ones include edibles, topicals, vape oil, oral tinctures, pre-rolls, and e-liquids.  

This post looks at CBD e-liquids and CBD oil by comparing these common cannabidiol-infused goods. 

Introducing CBD Vape E-liquids And CBD Oil 

CBD vape e-liquid refers to a special cannabidiol-containing liquid formulated for use with a vaporizer. It’s also known as CBD vape oil, CBD vape juice, CBD e-juice, or simply CBD e-liquid.  

On the other hand, CBD oil refers to products containing a combination of cannabidiol and other organic oils.  

Similarities Between CBD E-liquids And CBD Oil 

Both Offer Similar Health Benefits 

Both CBD e-liquids and CBD oil in uk contain cannabidiol as the primary cannabis extract. That also means both products boast CBD’s healing properties.  

As already indicated, cannabidiol is mainly used for pain management. The compound treats pain by impacting the vanilloid receptors, a group of endocannabinoid receptors responsible for transmitting pain signals across the body.  

Cannabidiol may also soothe inflammation. The substance mediates inflammation by blocking inflammatory signals from being relayed to the brain from the affected tissues.  

CBD e-juice and CBD oil may also offer relief from anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. That’s due to cannabidiol’s incredible calming effects.  

Both Won’t Make You High 

Pure cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD products won’t get you high. That’s a welcome relief for CBD vapers as it means you can easily order CBD vape juice UK and use the product without experiencing marijuana’s stoner effect.  

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound responsible for most weed’s mind-altering properties.  

However, not all CBD goods are necessarily non-psychoactive. It all depends on the THC potency in the product.  

For instance, products labeled ‘full-spectrum’ usually contain considerable tetrahydrocannabinol levels. Such products will surely get you high. 

Both Are Extracted In the Same Manner 

All cannabidiol products, including CBD e-liquids and CBD oils, are extracted near-similarly.  

The first step usually involves harvesting cannabis flowers.  

The harvested extracts are then decarboxylated. Decarboxylation is a process that involves heating cannabis extracts to activate the cannabinoids in them.  

Next, the decarboxylated extracts undergo a rigorous extraction process that involves targeted heat and pressure, sometimes alongside a liquid solvent.  

Lastly, manufacturers obtain cannabidiol from a mixture of other cannabinoids using the fractional distillation method.  

Differences Between CBD E-liquids And CBD Oils 


Both CBD vape juice and CBD oil contain cannabidiol as the main bioactive component. However, these products differ in terms of their composition of other ingredients.  

CBD e-juices may contain one or all four basic e-liquid ingredients, namely nicotine, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and flavorings.  

On the other hand, CBD oil usually contains organic oils and flavorings. Commonly used oils include coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil. 

Delivery Method 

CBD vape juice is administered through vaping. The process may vary depending on the design of your vaporizer. But it generally unfolds as follows; 

  1. Unscrew the vape tank from your vaporizer and fill it with CBD vape juice. 

You can skip this step using disposable vape devices, as these gadgets usually come with pre-filled tanks. 

  1. Turn your vaporizer on by pressing the button located on its side. 
  1. Allow for enough vapor to accumulate in the device. 
  1. Inhale your CBD vape juice by drawing air from the mouthpiece (the uppermost pointed tip of your vaporizer) 

CBD oil can be administered in two ways.  

The first is by dripping the oil sublingually (underneath your tongue), like with CBD tinctures.  

The other method is by adding the oil to your kitchen recipes. Again, there are several ways to go about this. You can mix CBD oil with your regular cooking oil, sprinkle the oil over salads and desserts, or add it to toppings. 

Onset Time and Duration of Effects 

CBD vape juice has a faster onset time. That’s because the cannabinoids in this product penetrate the bloodstream directly through the mucous membrane in the lungs. Most vapers report feeling the effects of CBD e-juices in as few as five minutes.  

CBD oil administered sublingually may take effect in about 15 minutes. But CBD oil consumed along edible products can take up to three hours to enter the bloodstream. That’s due to the long digestion process involved.  

On the flip side, CBD oil can last in your system for up to 72 hours. That’s way longer than CBD vape juice, whose effects tend to wear off in 12 hours. 

Wrap Up 

Both CBD vape juice and CBD oil contain the healing benefits of cannabidiol. However, these products vary in composition, administration mode, and effects.  

Before choosing either product, it would be best to talk to your doctor and get preapproved. Most importantly, only use CBD goods if cannabidiol is legal in your jurisdiction. 



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