High-End Apartment Amenities if You Wish to Live a Life of Luxury

High-End Apartment Amenities if You Wish to Live a Life of Luxury

One of the most desirable high-end apartment amenities is an outdoor cooking and dining area. These amenities allow you to entertain a large group of people, or just relax and enjoy the city views. Rooftop decks also make great gathering spots. Green spaces also save you gas and time. These are just a few of the amenities available to high-end loft renters.

Some of the highest-end loft buildings offer amenities like a pool or a rooftop deck. Both can provide stunning views and double as community gathering places. Other amenities may include a lounge area, a fire pit, and plenty of comfortable seating. Any amenity that creates an outdoor space will be welcomed by residents.

Other high-end amenities include coffee shops, which can perk up residents in the morning, juice bars and other retailers. You can even find a Trader Joe’s within a building like at Southern Station. High-end lofts with these amenities are worth their weight in gold. Moreover, they can help the community stay healthy and environmentally conscious.

Lounge pools

Some luxury lofts are equipped with lounge pools for their residents to relax and swim during the hot days. In New York City, many apartment buildings have their own pools. For example, the 432 Park Avenue building features a 75-foot indoor swimming pool with a separate hot tub. A few of these pools have their own spas, too.

On-site movie theaters

On-site movie theaters are becoming an increasingly popular feature in luxury apartments. These modern theaters provide privacy and are equipped with large projectors and digital surround sound. They are often located in prime locations for convenience. In addition to providing privacy, these theaters are also a popular option for renters.

Fully-fitted unisex gyms

Many luxury loft developments offer fully-fitted unisex gyms to their residents. These gyms not only provide residents with an enjoyable environment, but can improve the quality of life. However, not all of these luxury properties offer gym facilities. Therefore, if you’re looking for a gym in your new luxury loft, be sure to research the options available before you make a purchase.

In the 1980s, fitness trends were beginning to take off and loft developers took notice, according to this link. By the year 1986, loft buildings with gyms became a common feature of new construction. Today, you can find one in nearly every building. This trend shows that loft dwellers are seeking convenience and health-conscious lifestyles. This is especially true of high-end loft buildings.

Apartments with gyms are generally more expensive than lofts without them. However, gyms make it easier for people to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although most loft communities don’t have a gym on-site, the addition of one makes a building more desirable to active renters. A gym-equipped apartment building can cost as little as $100 more per month compared to an apartment without a gym.

Fully-fitted unisex gyms

Automated package management

Automated package management is a high-tech feature that provides new levels of convenience to tenants. It eliminates the need for tenants to schedule pick-up and delivery times. It can even store packages for tenants. In addition to making tenants happy, automated package management also improves the efficiency of an apartment’s space.

An automated package management solution should eliminate the need for on-site package processing teams. Instead of placing packages on the floor, the carrier places them in a secure room where residents can pick them up on their own schedule. Security is maintained with video surveillance and access logs. The only downside to such a system is the additional space it requires for installation.

Fortunately, automated package management is now available as an apartment-level amenity. This technology makes it more efficient for tenants and helps communities save money. Apartment buildings with smart package rooms will attract more residents and save property management staff time. Additionally, many tenants will be hesitant to move to a loft complex that does not have smart package room features.

Automated package management can be confusing to new residents. Create fliers or FAQs to explain the process and make residents feel comfortable. Also, be sure to explain any nuances and limitations of the automated solution. Creating a streamlined automated package management process will help residents stay happy.

Third-party package delivery companies can also be useful. They can take over the responsibilities of managing package deliveries and enable property managers to focus on revenue-driven initiatives. If you’re a property owner who owns a 300-unit property, using a third-party package delivery company can save your team at least 30 hours per week.

Automated package management solutions can be a great asset for loft buildings that don’t have a concierge. The automated system automatically issues lockers for packages and provides tenants with notification when they’re awaiting their delivery in order to hopefully stave off the growing trend of package thefts.

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