Heels- Defining Your Fashion Style

Heels- Defining Your Fashion Style

Dressing up is always incomplete without a perfect pair of shoes and nice good to-go footwear is always a necessity. Every outfit has a separate preference when it comes to shoes, but heels are a kind of wear that goes well with every outfit, just the right style, and kind needs to be picked up. We have been looking at heels to choose from and came across some amazing heel styles which are trending and look super stylish. Let us have a look and a read about these heels, to choose the right one for ourselves.

Flare Heels- Defining Fashion

Flare heels are a very unique style that looks chic when styled with a western outfit and creates an extravaganza vibe with eastern attire. These heels are designed in a flare shape broad from below and narrow from the top of the heel. Flare heels are comparatively more comfortable to wear than other sleek heels. You can wear these for hours and keep your style game on point.

Block Heels- The Statement Wear

Block Heels are nothing new in the fashion industry but are the talk of the town these days. The trending heels are a block or we can say these are wide heels that give solid support while walking. A block heel is statement footwear that gives an edgy and confident impression to your look. Block heels can be high and are also available in a very suitable height of up to 2-3 inches. They are the best choice for women who are looking for high heels but are not ready to torture their feet. These heels are your call ladies!

Platforms- Glamour with Comfort

Platforms are a true representation of their name, yes, these heels work as a platform. They are a support to high heels by giving additional support at the toe of the shoe. These heels have an extra 1–2-inch base that supports the front end of the feet. Platforms look incredibly awesome when paired with flowy dresses or wedding outfits. They add a touch of class and make your look more praiseworthy.

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