Guide to Men’s Casual Wedding Attire

If things improve in the coming months, there’s a good chance that each of us will be invited to at least one wedding this summer. Additionally, it is extremely possible that weddings this year will be more relaxed and held outdoors in settings such as gardens, beaches, and vineyards. This also implies that men’s wedding clothes will become more relaxed and casual.

Not sure exactly what that entails?

We’ve got you covered in our comprehensive guide to men’s casual wedding clothes—where you’ll learn the difference between a cocktail and smart casual attire, as well as what to dress to a beach vs vineyard wedding.

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Guide to Men's Casual Wedding Attire

The cocktail costume is a step down from formal clothes, but it is far from casual, so don’t let your guard down!

This look is contemporary, sleek, and close to the body, and calls for a well-tailored semi-formal two-piece suit in dark grey, navy, or cobalt blue.

However, this dress code allows for some personalization through the addition of a distinctive tie or bow tie, pocket square, cufflinks, and tie clip.

Elegantly Casual

Guide to Men's Casual Wedding Attire

For outdoor and summer weddings, the most popular dress code is smart casual. Additionally, it provides you the most opportunity to exhibit your individual style while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

If you’re not a fan of suits, you’re in luck because they are not essential for this style; nevertheless, if you do wear one, it should be informal, lightweight, and loosely structured. Utilize mild or basic hues such as navy and grey. Alternatively, pair a blazer with trousers.

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Guide to Men's Casual Wedding Attire

While casual attire is a step down from smart casual, this does not mean you can wear anything. We recommend wearing formal pants or khaki pants with a collared shirt and a tie, as well as a sports jacket/sweater if the weather becomes chilly.

Still, perplexed? Consider how you’d like your guests to remember your special day. While you want them to be comfortable, you do not want them to show up in jeans and plaid. When in doubt, it is always preferable to overdress rather than underdress. Additionally, you can incorporate playful elements of your particular style into your ensemble—and always remember to finish your look with the appropriate footwear.

There is no code

Guide to Men's Casual Wedding Attire

While discovering that a wedding you’re attending does not have a dress code can be exhilarating, it can also leave you wondering what to wear. Your best chance is to choose a style that falls between casual and smart casual, and then complement it with your favorite personal accessories, such as a clever pocket square or patterned necktie.

If you’re aware that the wedding will get more relaxed as the evening develops, here’s a hint for respecting the ceremony while being comfortable at the reception: carry a change of clothes for the night! Nothing can make you feel more at ease while yet looking put-together than wearing a premium black v-neck by Fresh Clean Tee with your classic grey or blue chinos.


Guide to Men's Casual Wedding Attire

Beach weddings are particularly popular during the summer and provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Avoid heavy materials, stuffy jackets, and polished shoes for these types of weddings. Rather than that, choose for linen or cotton in pale hues such as beige, blue, white, grey, seafoam, or pastel pink.

Additionally, you can mix and match your tops and bottoms, for example, by pairing navy chinos with a light shirt.

Choose light boat shoes or linen espadrilles for your feet.

Orchard or vineyard

Guide to Men's Casual Wedding Attire

Few wedding sites are as lovely and calming as a garden or vineyard. Additionally, because you will be surrounded by nature, you should avoid wearing a tuxedo unless specifically ordered to do so.

Maintain a calm, casual, and festive style with a white shirt; a grey, cream, blue, or beige jacket (or a good pattern); and a pair of light chinos.

If you want to dress it up a little bit further, add a good pocket square and a broad-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun!


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