Essential Things You Should Know About CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats are an all-natural treatment that’s trending among pet owners. For all the pet owners who are looking to heal certain health conditions in their dogs, this blog post will share useful information.

What are CBD Dog Treats?

CBD dog treats that you can also find at are any treat that has been prepared to be eaten by your dog. It contains the health benefits of cannabidiol to treat certain disorders in dogs. Chronic pain and anxiety to neurological disorders in dogs can be treated using cannabis dog treats.

Assessing the Safety of CBD for Dogs

A lot of humans are consuming CBD in the form of edibles, topicals, and oils. But, a lot of pet owners still feel weary about whether they should give CBD treats to their dogs. There are plenty of veterinarians who have recommended pet owners feed CBD treats to their dogs.

Research done by the faculty of Colorado State University came to the conclusion that dogs that are overall healthy are tolerant of CBD. However, more studies need to be done on the subject to know whether CBD should be given to dogs.

The evidence collected from veterinarians and pet owners so far shows that certain health conditions did become normal in dogs by exposure to CBD. In some dogs, however, mild diarrhea was detected – showing that such dogs were slightly intolerant to CBD.

Apart from the above, you can visit dozens of online forums and social media posts showing pet owners sharing how their dogs felt upon ingesting CBD treats. Many pet owners provide evidence that a certain health issue in their dog was treated well with CBD ingestion.

Ways CBD Treats Help Dogs

Like human beings, dogs also have cannabinoid receptors in their bodies that respond to CBD’s interaction. This whole system of receptors allows the active ingredients in hemp to move forwards and relieve a certain health condition.

Below are the various conditions CBD dog treats are known for relieving:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Pain in the joints due to arthritis
  • Problems in digesting food
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Seizures

Above are the commonly seen problems in dogs that are treatable with CBD treats. However, it is recommended that you see your veterinarian before planning to give cannabis treats to your dog.

It is essential to know if your pup is already on some sort of medication, then chances are CBD can react with the medication. Also, depending on how your dog responds to CBD ingestion, your veterinarian will suggest if it is okay to give it to your dog.

Few Tips While Buying Dog Treats

You need to pay close attention to the product labels. If you’re searching for the most effective and safe cannabis dog treats, then you may want to know the following:

●       Organic or Non-Organic

Check the dog treat packaging to see if the CBD inside was extracted from organically grown hemp. Because if the CBD is coming from a non-organic source then it means the treats are not free of toxins.

●       The Processing

As a caring dog owner, you should know how the treats were processed. It is essential that CBD is included in the treats using a safe method. Because some companies also use cheap methods and potentially toxic ingredients to extract CBD from hemp.

●       Has the Product been Independently Tested?

This is an important question that needs to be answered. You cannot afford to put the health of your pet dog at a risk. For this purpose, you can ask the product seller or directly contact the company to provide you with a certificate of authenticity COA. A COA is a document that provides evidence that a certain CBD dog treat is safe to be consumed by dogs, and is done by a third party.

●       Does the Treat have THC in it?

When you’re comparing and contrasting CBD treats, you need to check the products for THC potency. A higher level of THC can result in putting your dog under unhealthy psychoactive effects. High amounts of THC can be harmful to your dog. This is why always make sure the treats you buy have less than 0.3% THC in them.

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

●       Relief from Anxiety

Does your dog bark too much? Or are their behaviors destructive in some way? CBD in dog treats helps lessen anxiety due to certain types of phobia in dogs. This way, your dog will no longer be a nervous wreck.

●       Seizures

Seizures or epilepsy are a big problem for many humans too. With exposure to CBD, your dog can stay normal as the chances of getting a seizure are exterminated. Pets that often get seizures can be treated with CBD.

Veterinarians recommend various types of medications to be given to dogs in order to suppress the source of seizures. However, these medicines also have certain side effects, as the seizure’s source is suppressed at the cost of some other body organ. Among the notable damages, damage to the liver is the most dangerous.

If we look at CBD on the other hand, research shows no serious side effects are associated with CBD. When ingesting CBD, you do not have to worry if it will harm any of your dog’s internal organs.

●       Chronic Pain

The sight of your dog limping or getting sluggish with pain can be heartbreaking. There have been a lot of studies which suggest that CBD is very potent in relieving chronic pain due to inflammation and nervous debility.

Also, the pain caused due to arthritis can also be treated in dogs using CBD. The result is your dog can experience mobility without any pain.

●       Better Digestion

Is it that your pup is a choosy eater? Is their stomach vulnerable to getting an infection fast? If that’s the case, then you should consider giving them CBD. By feeding CBD dog treats to your pet, you can better the digestive system of your dog. Exposure to CBD will considerably lower the number of times the pet vomits.

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