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In the same way that the pay tables for Jacks or Better vary depending on the payouts for the whole house and the flush, the pay tables for Black Jack Bonus Poker also vary. In the version with full pay, the payout for an entire home is 토토사이트9 to 1, and the payout for a flush is 6 to 1. There is also a possibility that you will come across machines that only pay out 8 to 1 for a whole house. These slot machines are referred to as 8/6 machines, and the payback percentage that they offer is 97.09%. (This can also be stated as the house having a 2.91 percent advantage over the player.

The most effective way

The most effective way to play this game토토사이트 and any other variation of video poker is to select the option that will result in the highest possible return on investment for every hand. In some situations, it is almost impossible to calculate this mentally; fortunately, you can use a strategy chart for the game instead of worrying about it. The following is an explanation of how a strategy chart for video poker works:

You begin at the beginning of the list and search for a hand description corresponding to the one you have been dealt with. When you reach a hand identical to your own, the game ends, and you get to keep the cards from the matching hand.

It can be summed up like this.

On the other hand, we could not track down any reliable strategy charts for this particular game. We could not find a strategy calculator that considered the fact that the blackjacks are the only ones that can be wild in this game. This has a significant impact on the overall strategy.

The following are some general recommendations concerning gameplay strategy that apply to this game:

Because wild cards are impossible to discard, you should always keep any blackjacks you have in your hand at all times.

If you already have four cards required to make a royal flush, you should almost always draw to a royal flush. However, if you only have three of the needed cards, then you will rarely draw to a royal flush.

Letting the machine deal you a winning hand would be in your best interest. You will rarely throw away a hand that is guaranteed to win in the hopes of getting a better one, even if you think there is a chance that you could improve it.

The only two situations in which this last piece of advice does not apply are when you are trying to draw to a royal flush or four aces plus a blackjack, known as a five-of-a-kind consisting of authorities.

It is uncommon to find the card game Black Jack Bonus Poker in land-based casinos, much less those found online. During our search, we could not locate any online casinos that provided this variant.


However, we did discover a website that offers a free version of this game that you are welcome to try out. The website in question is called, and it provides users with access to free demos of virtually every variation of video poker that can be imagined. The website generates revenue through subscriptions, which, in exchange, grant users access to all of the games hosted on the platform.

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