8 Decisions That Can Ruin Any Interior

Decisions That Can Ruin Any Interior

Many of us prefer to decorate the interior of your favorite apartment on their own, without turning to professional designers. And not without reason, with the proper approach it is quite possible to get the desired result. However, there are some typical mistakes that can cross out many efforts. 

Storage Systems

Before you buy storage systems (or make them to order), it’s necessary in advance to carefully calculate the number of things that will really be needed at home. Some “big stuff” such as bikes or sports equipment (roller skates, skateboards, etc.) probably should not be kept in the apartment at all.

To visually not have a sense of clutter, it’s recommended to choose closed storage. Otherwise, it will disturb you from completing important work tasks or online gambling real money South Africa. For example, make high cupboards (to the ceiling) and store on top shelves what is rarely used.

Pervasive Monotony

Dark tones visually narrow the space, but light walls can visually expand it – this rule is familiar to many. But we must keep in mind that on the white “monotone” walls will be very well noticeable all the errors, they quickly get dirty, and because of the lighting in our latitudes often look gray.

As an alternative, you can use something that will always be in fashion: stylish wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern. Another option is to paint the walls in more interesting colors.

Colorful Wallpaper

One of the familiar to our eye in terms of interior decor is colored wallpaper with large patterns. But depending on the area of the room, the same wallpaper can look very different, and sometimes even be inappropriate for a particular environment. Especially easy to spoil the wallpaper with large pattern small-sized rooms.

If your soul asks for large roses, peonies, etc. on the wall, it’s better to wallpaper only one wall or even part of it. In this case, you can additionally take this area of the wall in a frame like a favorite picture of your pet portrait.

Geometric Miscalculation

There is an opinion that the more interesting the space, the more complex its geometry. However, walls located at different angles are perceived strangely. So, it isn’t recommended to go deep into experiments with non-standard partitions. If the shape of the walls is irregular, then there are decorative techniques to even out the space. So, at the expense of furniture, you can make a narrow part of the room more even.

Overdone Color

The abundance of bright aggressive colors in the interior can cause irritation and a general uncomfortable state. In this matter, it’s important to rely on the composition and age of the tenants in the apartment. Similarly, the paragraph about the wallpaper with a large pattern to add brightness is possible not en masse, but partially. The walls in this case cannot be involved at all, limiting the addition of color through accessories.

Making a Mistake With the Choice of Textiles

Tenants often use dense fabrics for window openings, but heavy curtains are often “dust collectors” and overload the space. In this case, we want such an effect, that there would be more light and space in the room than in fact.

This can be achieved if the colors are chosen correctly, and the furniture is carefully arranged and decorated with textiles. The fabric material, its color and texture play no less a role than the layout. This is the final aesthetic touch, giving a sense of completeness.

For small rooms, light shades of light fabrics are well suited: viscose, cotton, linen. In order not to cut off centimeters from the area, you can hang Roman blinds. You can also add bright accents in the room textiles (wine-colored carpet, cushions of juicy lemon color), if it fits into the overall concept.

Lack of Functionality

Even in an average-sized apartment it’s important to find a use for every inch of space, especially if a large family lives in it. If you don’t think through the layout before you start renovating, you may end up with niches or corners that are useless in terms of functionality. They can be used, including for the arrangement of storage systems.

Example: in the hallway may be a recess, which isn’t enough to place a full closet. Open or closed shelves can be placed here and shoe containers can be stored.

Ubiquitous Wires

A common mistake is the lack of outlets in the room, it’s allowed even at the design stage. As a result, you have to stretch for many meters on the floor wires extension cords. They constantly accumulate dust, and they spoil the overall aesthetic of the space. The situation can also be corrected after the renovation with the help of special cable channels, in which the wires are removed.

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