6 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games To Check Out

Cryptocurrency games

Cryptocurrency games are the hottest trend with which few people can earn huge amounts of money. Play-to-earn crypto games are not only fun but also lucrative. Unlike traditional video games, where the most significant achievements are playing and completing tasks, play-to-earn games allow you to earn real money with your crypto gaming achievements.

What are play-to-earn cryptocurrency games?

These unique games have their own tokens that support the in-game economy. You can buy, trade, sell and play with these in-game coins. However, some games are premium and require an initial investment, while you can play others for free. Most of these games are still in the initial stages of development, especially if you compare the graphics to traditional high-end PlayStation or Xbox games. So you’re a few years behind if you expect a good cryptocurrency game. But if you focus on the financial aspects, the rewards may be enough to keep you hooked.

The advantages of play-to-earn games

Play-to-earn crypto games have a number of advantages over traditional video games on the market. 

You can earn money

Most games require in-app purchases to start or progress, but many free-to-play games offer rewards with no initial investment. NFT rewards are given in these games for winning battles or reaching maximum points. NFTs can be sold for a large amount of cash, making them a good source of liquidity.

You can create, own and sell NFTs

NFTs are no longer the exclusive preserve of creatives. Even as a player, you can own NFTs, receiving them as rewards or customizing existing game elements. These NFTs can be traded on the market, and since there is a captive market (players), the chances of selling them are high. 

You can have fun and discover new worlds

Some P2E games are immersive metaverses where you can create your own experiences. Many of them are fun and make you forget time.

Best Play-to-earn games to checkout in 2022

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the best play-to-earn crypto game that is constantly in the news because it provides income to households in some countries with fragile economies (such as the Philippines or Venezuela). The game requires three Axies (in-game creatures), which users can purchase on the marketplace. You can also buy eggs at Axe labs and wait for them to turn into Axes. 

You can also hatch eggs with Axies to produce new Axies and sell them on the market. These NFT Axies must fight other Axies in groups of three to win the native Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). This is a control token that users can also redeem for real money. They can also use it to earn crypto rewards. In addition to AXS, there is another ERC-20 token in the game, the SLP (Smooth Love Potions), which is used for farming Axies. As with AXS, you can exchange SLP for fiat currency on reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms.


Pegaxy is a game where you can win horse races. You buy or rent Pega to race against the top three, which allows you to receive rewards in VIS, the in-game currency.

For now, however, control over racing is minimal. As a Pega owner, your role is limited to checking track elements, choosing a particular Pega, and selecting the right equipment. Unlike traditional games, the races are random and without human control. Pegas are available in the Pegaxy marketplace, which you can buy for USDT.

There is also an incubator for Pegasi puppies. These pups are ready to be bred or to race within a certain time frame, depending on the pedigree. You can also merge two Pegasi into one for higher VIS premiums. However, breeding and merging cost you VIS and PGX (management tokens). Revenue comes from racing, selling, and leasing Pegasi. The release is in development, as is the game management update that will make racing skill-based.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a party with little Blankos toys. This cryptocurrency game is about collecting Blankos, leveling up, and selling them for profit. The value of Blankos depends on their properties and rarity. While players can buy the cheapest blanks for as little as $10, the most expensive ones are worth $5 million.

However, most blanks are worth thousands of dollars. Although the game is still in beta testing, it also offers daily quests as an additional way to earn money. In future updates, you will also be able to host parties for other players and earn rewards.

XANA Metaverse

The XANA metaverse differs from other games in that most users who play participate in creating a future money-making opportunity. The XANA is a metaverse in which players can purchase land, create unique experiences, design clothing (called NFT), and interact with each other. World Builder facilitates the creation of engravings and the design of objects. Both tools can be used for free by all players. 

Owning a parcel of land in XANA is expensive. To earn money with the game, you must publish an experiment on a terrain. It would be suitable if you also were a licensed creator to sell the items you have developed on the market. Currently, opportunities to earn money are limited if you do not own land. However, landowners can hire game developers to create new experiences. 

Alien Worlds 

Alien Worlds is a sci-fi metaverse powered by Binance, WAX, and Ethereum smart chain. It is easy to play and win in the game. Players need to explore an alien world by mining the game’s cryptocurrency, Trillium (TLM). Players receive a shovel and can go to other players’ lands to start mining. To start playing, users will need a WAX wallet to store the mined TLM. 

Players need trilliums to progress in the game, which they can earn in-game or buy from decentralized exchanges. Players can also buy land and receive a commission whenever another player mines their property. There are also Binance missions where players can earn more trilliums and other special NFT rewards. 


Splinterlands is another exciting game where you can trade cryptocurrency cards. You can use these cards to fight monsters and gain experience in the game. It is technically free, as you have a limited number of cards. However, you must invest in the Summoner’s Spellbook (currently $10) to get the rewards. This unlocks various card abilities that will allow you to complete quests faster and earn rewards.

Splinterlands has two tokens: DEC (dark energy crystals) and SPS (shards). Players earn DEC by defeating enemies, obtaining reward chests and progressing in weekly tournaments. SPS are state currencies made through airdrops and the game’s privilege system. They are the main currency of the game. 

Final Thoughts

Games are often seen as a way to relieve stress and boredom. To get the most rewards out of a game, developers offer in-game purchases to enhance gameplay. Unfortunately, even if players spend countless dollars on this in-game content, they cannot own it. 

Blockchain-based games will change the game economy. These games allow players to truly own their game by voting for the game’s future or owning a piece of the game through NFT. 

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