5 Ways to Get an Absolutely Free VIN Check for Mercedes

VIN Check for Mercedes

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Ever wondered what that 17-character code stamped on the driver’s side dashboard of a Mercedes vehicle is? Say hello to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is like the fingerprint or let’s say the social security number for a car.

So while license plates and titles can be changed, The VIN stays with the vehicle throughout its life span; in other words, practically everything you need to know about a vehicle’s characteristics or its search history can be gotten through a VIN lookup.

Now, what is a VIN? A VIN is a unique 17-character code assigned to every car, truck, or motorcycle when it is manufactured. Practically every vehicle has a VIN specifically assigned to it. Check out Mercedes VIN Decoder here.

This article is going to distinctively explain five ways to get absolutely free VIN checks for Mercedes Benz vehicles that are worth your time. 

In our experience, the under-listed ways to get free VIN checks for Mercedes vehicles are just as functional as the more expensive VIN decoders.

  1. Vinpit  has a continuously updated database to reflect new information
  2. MBDecoder – can access many Mercedes-related reports
  3. Carfax – report contain information like accident history, mileage, title information, and vehicle history
  4. Epicvin – a central registry created to safeguard customers against fraud and dangerous automobiles
  5. CarVerticallearn the latest information on car safety, bargain advantage, and steer clear of expensive frauds


VinPit is one of the most popular, and free ways to obtain a Mercedes VIN lookup. In addition, it has a continuously updated database to reflect new information, and also one of the top VIN decoders that have been proven to be accurate and effective for most automobiles. Therefore, it only makes sense to speak of VinPit when seeking the accuracy of results and information reliability. 

Currently, Vinpit has a premium edition as a result of its partnership with Bumper, however, the free features offered by VinPit are still quite useful.


  • Vinpit is legitimately registered with the necessary authorities.
  • Directory for Plate and VIN numbers
  • Sitemap resources
  • A current history record of vehicles 
  • You can access many Mercedes-related reports. 
  • Find out the correct Mercedes VIN details.
  • Free VIN lookup Various data in their database 
  • Tested and trusted by previous users 


  • Access to some information is restricted
  • VIN queries are automatically processed through Bumper

In addition, Vinpit provides resources for searching car history data and looking up license plates. Since VinPit is properly registered with the relevant authorities, we’d recommend utilizing their services to comprehend the vehicle’s title records as well as its criminal history, insurance information, and other information to shield prospective used car buyers from any legal repercussions.

Try VinPit For Free VIN Decoding



MBDecoder basically tells you about your Mercedes, it is another powerful Mercedes VIN decoder and like Vinpit, you may be required to part with hard-earned cash for a comprehensive history of your Mercedes vehicle. This does not imply that the MBDecoder is not free. It just means that for a more comprehensive report, it’s going to cost you.


  • There are examples on the homepage to aid user
  • Accurate information
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • An accurate historical record of vehicles 
  • You can access many Mercedes-related reports. 
  • Find out the correct Mercedes VIN details.
  • Free VIN lookup 
  • Extensive database.


  • The homepage is restricted to the Mercedes VIN decoder alone
  • No about section on online utility.
  • Access to some information is restricted
  • Directory for VIN numbers only

MBDecoder is arguably one of the easiest Mercedes VIN decoders to use on the internet, for starters, it is precise and only limited to typing in your VIN. And its search results offer accurate results.

Click Here To Use MBDecoder For Free VIN Lookup



The Carfax is ranked as one of the best Mercedes VIN decoders. Individuals in the U.S and Canada are most likely familiar with Carfax. The reports generated by this well-known online decoding tool contain information like accident history, mileage, title information, and vehicle history. This pioneer VIN decoder also comes with other functions namely:


  • Report in-depth findings
  • Ownership History
  • Detailed history
  • Easily accessible reports
  • Most extensive cross-border database


  • It lacks a substantial database in Europe.
  • Details about the accident are absent from the information.
  • Access to certain information is limited.
  • A premium version is offered.

To obtain assistance with reports, Carfax works with law enforcement organizations, insurance providers, and police departments. The papers also include details on the odometer reading and title information.

Click Here To Try Carfax VIN Check Now



Epicvin is a recognized NMVTIS data provider. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a central registry created to safeguard customers against fraud and dangerous automobiles.EpicVin also has partnerships with some renowned VIN decoder utilities to ensure better service delivery.

Odometer readings, past owners, damages, accidents, recalls, photographs, title information, and more are all provided by Epicvin.


  • Search by VIN or US license plate
  • Reports comprehensive findings
  • Vast database to check the used-car history
  • Reports in great detail with one free sample report


  • Not the best customer service.
  • Access to accident specifics requires premium access.
  • There is a premium option available.

Click Here For a Free VIN Lookup With EpicVIN



CarVertical remains one of the largest internet databases of used vehicle records. With Carvertical, you get to learn the latest information on car safety, bargain advantage, and steer clear of expensive frauds.


  • Reports that are readily available
  • Delivers prompt and trustworthy reports as a huge database to check cars from the US and Europe
  • Recorded images


  • There is also a premium version available.

With a rating of 9.4/10, this VIN decoder offers various services being the first VIN decoder to employ blockchain technology in the world.

Use CarVertical for Free online VIN lookup

Getting the best VIN Decoder for Mercedes VIN Lookup

Your search for the best VIN decoder for Mercedes is now entirely at your fingertips. However, it is inevitable we explain why choosing the best VIN decoder is of paramount importance.

To understand how to choose the best VIN decoders, basically, anytime there is an occurring event in a car, like being at a dealer’s shop or registered to a new owner, it goes into a database. A VIN report company pulls the information from that database and generates a report based on the information. This implies that the larger the database, the better the results.

Choosing the best VIN decoder for Mercedes means accessing a website that constantly updates its VIN report database. And it pains us to say that most of these paid VIN decoder databases can be outdated and misleading.

It’s also important to note that these five free VIN checks for Mercedes are legally vetted by the relevant authorities, protecting users from any legal measures when utilizing their services.


Most Mercedes VIN decoders offer the premium package, thankfully, these five ways to get an absolutely free VIN check for Mercedes to offer an opportunity to get certain services without paying. 

Free VIN checks for Mercedes are crucial in saving hard-earned money. Plus, it tells essential information and saves time. Consequently, it’s usually a great choice to obtain a comprehensive report on the state of the car. This way, you can stay away from vehicles with bad history. 

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