18 Incredible Minecraft Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

18 Incredible Minecraft Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

Finding the best Minecraft creations is a bit of a job, but Pocket-lint has rounded up some of the most incredible examples. Straight from the overactive imaginations of several Minecraft builders, many of these creations will blow your mind.

But if you know of any other amazing ones worth including in the gallery below, please leave us a comment or tweet them our way.

King Kong vs T-Rex

Yup. That’s T-Rex vs King Kong. Awesome, right? Massive monsters battling it out on a Minecraft backdrop. This monster creation was actually crafted way back in 2012 by Frostbyte | Micko and before creative mode was released.

Space shuttle

We’re not sure this space shuttle would make it through Eath’s atmosphere. But we do like the idea of being able to build your own rocket.

A Minecraft metropolis

Attention to detail, patience and hours and hours of free time. This Minecrafter likely has it all. This impressive creation was lovingly crafted back in 2013 but is no less impressive now. It’s said to represent King’s Landing from Game of Thrones.

A view from the waters

That same sprawling city looks just as impressive from the water. Like a view of an ancient yet magnificent civilisation reimagined with modern technology.

A bird’s eye view

Even a close-up, bird’s eye view of this Minecraft city is no less impressive. From tiny houses to towering landmarks, this creation has it all.

A ship in a bottle

There’s a certain type of hobbyist that enjoys constructing model ships within glass bottles. This YouTuber took things a step further by building the entire thing in Minecraft.

A modern city view

Another Minecrafter with some serious talent. This impressive city view was incredibly crafted within Minecraft and yet at a glance could easily be mistaken for a real city.

A magnificent treehouse

Sometimes it’s the simplest creations that catch the eye. This humble treehouse might not be as impressive as some of the other Minecraft creations on our list, but it’s certainly a fantastic sight. We can imagine it as a great place to duck into and escape from reality.


Another city-building project that, when viewed from above, reminds us of somewhat of SimCity. The close-up views of this creation defy belief though.

A view from the harbour

The same Minecraft city, but seen from a different angle looks remarkably different, but no less impressive.

Plane crash

Although some might argue that this plane is nowhere near decimated enough to have really crashed in this forest, we just appreciate the detail. A fair bit of effort must have gone into making this one if nothing else.

The Winter Palace

This Minecrafter went about creating a Palace fit for royalty. A magnificent and intricate building with minute detail and imposing presence too.

A digital Roman empire

Another ancient civilisation lovingly created in Minecraft. This time Roman-like architecture has been wonderfully built by the seaside.

An entire world

Not content with just building a single city or lone impressive structure, this Minecrafter actually build an entire world, with different locations, themes and vistas. We’d recommend checking out all the images, you’re bound to be wowed.

SS Augusta Victoria

This masterpiece was created by Drash2005 and is designed to be a Minecraft replica of the real ship SS Augusta Victoria that originally sailed the seas in 1888. This Minecraft version was even built with the same dimensions as the original ship, which is an impressive feat in itself.

USS Enterprise

Star Trek geeks will love this one. JackethSP has created the USS Enterprise in Minecraft. It’s one of many Star Trek creations over at Planet Minecraft, but this one caught our eye merely for its magnificence.

Game of Thrones

Another classic design by Maruku 2012, inspired by Game of Thrones. This one shows a brilliantly detailed world inspired by George R. R. Martin and crafted in Minecraft.

Chicago from above

It seems that Minecrafters are obsessed with re-creating real-life locations with intricate and convincing detail. This one seemingly shows Chicago from above. Amazing.

Source / Pocket-lint

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